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Enjoy making your own homemade mouthwash for bad breath, for bleeding gums, for toothaches, for cold sores

A healing mouth wash with thyme and sage can help to relieve sore throat pain.

Bad breath can be caused by a number of factors. Often the body's own defense system will eliminate toxins and waste products via the mucous membranes of the mouth. Other factors that cause bad breath are from the food we've eaten such as garlic or onions. Mouthwashes can help to mask these odors as well as bad breath that results for insufficient brushing and flossing and unhealthy, decaying teeth. Commercial mouthwash can help minimize bad breath but the effect is only temporary. A natural mouthwash, which you can make yourself with essential oils can refresh without chemical additives or preservatives. In addition, a natural mouthwash can help periodontal disease, bleeding gums and toothaches. Gingivitis, the earliest stage of periodontal disease, is a superficial inflammation of the gums without any appreciable loss of gum tissue or bone. The gums of people with gingivitis tend to be red and swollen and to bleed easily. Gingivitis is widespread among adults and children and according to a television report affects about 70% of North Americans.

Daily Ritual Tip: Many odor causing bacteria can reside on the tongues coating. Each morning, use a toothbrush to scrape it off and rinse with a mouthwash containing tea-tree oil.

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Mouthwash Recipes


For fresh breath

1 small glass of warm water
1 tsp. brandy or vodka
1 drop lemon essential oil
1 drop peppermint essential oil

For sensitive teeth

1 small glass of warm water
1 tsp. brandy or vodka
1 drop chamomile essential oil
1 drop orange essential oil

For children

1 small glass of warm water
1 tsp. vegetable glycerin,
brandy or vodka
1 drop chamomile essential oil
1 drop orange essential oil

For periodontal disease

1 small glass of warm water
1 tsp. brandy or vodka
1 drop clove essential oil
1 drop thyme essential oil

For bleeding gums

1 small glass of warm water
1 tsp. brandy or vodka
1 drop thyme essential oil
1 drop yarrow essential oil

For toothaches

1 small glass of warm water
1 tsp. brandy or vodka
2 drops clove essential oil

For cold sores

1 small glass of warm water
1 tsp. brandy or vodka
2 drops geranium essential oil
1 drop thyme essential oil

Mix the ingredients well and use the mouthwash immediately, repeating use several times throughout the day. Caution: Be careful not to swallow any mouthwash. Epileptics and pregnant women should not use thyme, orange, yarrow, lemon, sage, peppermint or clove essential oils; spearmint, ginger, tea-tree, and vanilla essential oils are good substitutions.

A Healing Mouthwash

Thyme and sage can help to relieve sore-throat pain. Add 1 tsp. of brandy or vodka, plus 1 drop each of thyme and sage essential oils, to a glass of warm water. Gargle 2-3 times daily. Or, to help support healing and prevent infection after a tooth extraction, add 1 tsp. of brandy or vodka and lemon essential oils to a glass of warm water 2-3 times each day; rinse carefully with the mixture.


Use a custom mixed mouthwash to carefully gargle and rinse out your mouth after brushing your teeth, eating foods with strong flavors or at any other time during the day. Do not swallow natural mouthwash, as the oils may cause irritation and inflammation.

Ingredient Benefits:

Brandy or vodka as an emulsifier: An emulsifier is needed in a natural mouthwash to ensure that the essential oils will blend well with warm water. Either vodka or brandy is recommended for this purpose, as it will help stimulate circulation in the gums and firm the tissue, in addition to acting as an effective emulsifier.

Lemon essential oil to deodorize: The oil from lemon peel acts as a powerful deodorizer, a disinfecting astringent and refreshing stimulant to keep the teeth and gums healthy. It provides a fruity flavor.

Clove essential oil for pain: Clove oil has a mild antiseptic effect, dulling nerve sensation, and thus making it effective for toothache pain. It can also help prevent infection. A very hot and spicy oil, it should always be diluted for use.

Thyme essential oil for inflammation: Painful gum inflammations can be greatly eased by the strong antiseptic and antibacterial effects of thyme oil in a natural, gentle mouthwash.

Roman-chamomile essential oil for very sensitive teeth: Roman-chamomile essential oil has a very relaxing, anti inflammatory effect that is especially good for small children who have irritation and pain from teething.

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