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Everyday Thousands of People Are Getting on the internet looking for information on DIY Recipes for the whole family including skin care, acne care, scar care, hair care, body care, oral care, deodorants and the list goes on. 

To ensure your DIY Recipes are gentle, safe and contain all the natural nourishing ingredients, make your own.

There are many companies you can buy from but these are the companies I recommend.

Starwest Botanicals, Buddha Teas, Essential Natural Oils and Amazon

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Starwest Botanicals

Starwest Botanicals believe in offering the best value to their customers for their herbal purchases and, because they directly source their products from around the world and process them in-house, they can deliver on that belief. They also stand behind their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They know it's easy to make a claim that they're committed to something; but, just like they showed those herbal stores years ago, they deliver on their commitments. Today you have a choice - you can buy mediocre herbs and spices from the many storefronts that have sprung up on the internet, or you can buy higher quality herbs and spices from a company that you can trust. I'm sure you'll see the same superior quality in their products that store owners saw more than 40 years ago.

Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas believes that a good cup of tea is not simply a beverage, but an experience designed to nourish the body and satisfy the soul. They strive to offer this experience to everyone through their vast collection of fresh, naturally grown herbal teas. Our mission is to provide high quality herbal teas at an affordable price, which everyone from the casual tea drinker to the seasoned tea connoisseur can enjoy.

Buddha Teas understands the importance of purity. While most consumer products today are processed and packaged beyond recognition, our goal is to get back to the natural. They offer 100% unaltered, organic and wildcraft teas made from the freshest herbs, carefully packaged in only bleach free tea bags. Their customers take comfort in knowing that they can enjoy a cup of tea without any harmful additives or toxins, and with their ever-growing collection of natural teas, each customer can choose a tea that perfectly matches their needs.

Essential Natural Oils

Health and Beauty Natural Oils is committed to offering the highest quality oils, the best prices, and superior customer service. It is their goal to provide you with a first class experience when working with them.

They established their company with health and beauty on their mind. Every product they offer serves to enhance your well being and beautify the inner and outer self. They are an energetic team that works diligently to create win-win situations in every aspect of their transactions.

They procure the most exotic ingredients with powerful healing benefits from around the globe. Their range of essential oils and cold press oils is unrivaled as they have searched the globe to bring to you unparalleled choice and selection. All their carrier oils are cold pressed, and their essential oils are steam distilled. With their large scale purchases and their own manufacturing facility, they are in a unique position to offer you wholesale prices for premium quality oils.

They source only from suppliers whom they know well and have visited/audited and who are known to be reliable.

Their Promise: To always deal with integrity and provide the highest levels of customer service backed by their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.


Over the years, Amazon has built a base of millions of satisfied buyers by providing them with high quality service and being responsive to their concerns. We expect third-party sellers that are using Amazon Payments to provide the same level of service and responsiveness and to comply with this Amazon Payments Customer Service Policy.

I recommend Amazon for products that are not available anywhere else.

How I recommend the Essential Oils & Blends, Herbs and the Teas

I was torn between the companies so I decided to always provide for you an option. There is always a choice that you can make between the companies providing the same or similar product.

I have spent a considerable amount of time sourcing the essential oils, herbs and teas and accessories. These companies each pay me a small commission for sending customers to them.  It is at no additional cost to you so please shop with them. This small commission keeps the wolf from my door.

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Now you have everything you will need.

Elma hair & scalp revitalizer delivers to your skin a full set of amino acids, vitamins, and kinetin, making the skin stem cells active and more effective. This results in the growth of new hair.

Elma Skin Revitalizer Regenerates skin and gives a more youthful appearance. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. Works well under make-up to give a smooth finish. 3 times more effective than regular creams. Elma has no artificial preservatives. No paraben. No citric acid. No water. No solvents. No glycol.

liquid castile soap

Castile Soap - Liquid SMOOTH AND MOISTURIZING: The organic and vegan ingredients are combined with a pure-castile liquid soap base for a rich, emollient lather and a moisturizing after feel. NATURAL: Smooth and luxurious soap with no synthetic detergents or preservatives, as none of the ingredients or organisms are genetically modified. CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND VEGAN: Certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program and certified Vegan by Vegan Action.

Kirk's Natural Castile Soap Original

Kirks Natural Castile Soap Original All Natural Hypoallergenic Skin Care with No Animal By-Products or Synthetic Detergents. Ultra Gentle with No Drying Residue. Pure Botanical Coconut Oil Soap. Since 1839, Kirk's Original Coco Castile Soap has given the consumer a high quality, all natural soap at an affordable price. Current national market research ranks Kirk's Original Coco Castile Soap as the top selling all-natural bar soap. "Castile" originally referred to the highly-prized vegetable based soap produced in Castile, Spain. For centuries this soap was considered "the soap of royalty" because of its luxurious lather and gentleness to the skin. Today, "Castile" refers to any vegetable based soap. Why ALL-Natural? No Animal By-Products. Never Tested on Animals. Hypoallergenic. Biodegradable. No Synthetic Detergents. Free Of Synthetic detergents, animal by-products.

sea salt

Sea salt The perfect bath salt blend. Contains a mix of 100% natural Pacific Sea Salts, Dead Sea Salts and European Sea Salts. Grain: Medium blend Packaging: 20lb bulk resealable bag

corn starch

Corn Starch for sensitive skin: Cornstarch is a very fine, starchy, white powder made from dried corn kernels. The powder not only absorbs perspiration but also is soothing to the skin. It is especially recommended for infants and, alone or in a body-powder recipe, for people with inflamed or very sensitive skin.

Natural Dead Sea Salt Harvested From the southern dead sea Isreal. Dead Sea Salt is Not Food Grade and is Not for Human Consumption.

Salt that comes from the Dead Sea is especially rich in potassium, magnesium, iodine, bromine and sulfur. These substances remove waste products from the body and can help protect against cellulite and edema in the tissues of the skin. 100% Pure Bath Salt - For Psoriasis, Eczema, Arthritis, Dermatitis, Acne, Dry Skin, Dandruff, and Other Skin Disorders. Highest Mineral Content for Cleansing and Detoxifying. Relaxes Skin and Muscles.

Dead Sea Black Mud

Dead Sea Black Mud Consider your skin type: Because of its mineral and salt content, Dead Sea mud affects each skin type differently. If you have oily skin, you can use it up to three times a week; for normal skin, up to twice a week; for dry skin, no more than once a week. Dead Sea mud is easy to apply, covers the skin nicely and can be easily rinsed off. Your skin will become accustomed to the mud's stimulating ingredients - most notably, iodine, magnesium and bromide. You can also apply heated mud to relieve morning stiffness or joint inflammation.

borax powder

Borax Powder Made from anhydrous pure powdered sodium borate with no additives or preservatives. You cannot make any of the creams or lotions mentioned on this website without using Borax or Emulsifying Wax. All the recipes call for borax. Emulsifying wax is an alternative. To make Anti-Wrinkle Cream Borax can be replaced with Emulsifying Wax. Borax powder gives the lotion some stability.

emulsifying wax

Emulsifying Wax (NF) Emulsifying wax is an ideal medium for the blending of fine creams, lotions and other fluid cosmetics which contain oil and water. Extraction Method: Fatty acid and ester isolation from plant fats. Refined from vegetable oils and contains no additives. Conforms to National Formulary standards. Use emulsifying wax to bind oils to water-based ingredients to stabilize and gel mixtures. Very easy to use and preferred by most home craft and cosmetics enthusiasts. For best results, use a ratio of emulsifying wax between 3 - 6% of the total weight of your recipe, however, any amount can be used to meet specific needs.


Lecithin- liquid Made from pure soybean oil, this emulsifier is high in the B vitamin choline and inositol, which are vital for healthy skin. Lecithin also helps to soften and condition the skin.

lanolin oil refined

Lanolin Oil (Refined) Our 100% pure and natural Lanolin Anhydrous Oil is a purified wax derived from the wool of sheep. It is then cleaned, decolorized, and deodorized. Just like in humans, a sheep's skin has pores that produce oils to hydrate the surface of the body. These oils, called lanolin, have a deep moisturizing effect on skin and hair. Its lipid-rich emollient locks existing moisture into the skin and absorbs additional moisture from the air around it. Lanolin is easily absorbed into the skin, which allows it to help repair barrier function and increase skin moisture, working wonderfully in lotions, creams, body scrubs, lip balms, and is topically soothing for breast-feeding moms.

hydrous lanolin

Hydrous lanolin 90g Pure Lanolin (Hydrous Wool Fat EP ELP); This Product Contains Lanolin; Presented in Mitchell's Glass Screw Topped Jar; First produced in the early 1930's by Bradford chemist Fred Mitchell Hydrous lanolin is the easiest form of lanolin to use in any recipe because it contains a small amount of water - just enough to make it easier to mix.

vegetable glycerine

Organic Vegetable Glycerine is an amazing product. Its unusual combination of properties has made it useful in a wide variety of applications including helps preserve the fragrance of perfume.

Starwest 100% Pure Vegetable and Fixed Oils are extracted from natural botanicals and plant sources, and offer many essential nutrients to the body. They contain antioxidants and vitamins to nourish and moisturize your skin. They can be used cosmetically for massage and bath oils, soaps, lotions, and other facial and body care products. They are also great for nutritious cooking, as they are the key ingredients in many healthful salad dressings.

Vegetable and fixed oils are excellent carrier oils - combine them with Starwest Essential Oils or Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends to create a variety of therapeutic massage or bath oil products for physical and mental benefits.

Storing and preserving oils: Vegetable oils should be stored in a cool, dark area due to their fragile nature. If stored improperly for long periods of time, the oils may become rancid. Containers and applicators are available for creating your own natural body care products with vegetable and fixed oils.

Aloe-vera oil

Aloe-vera oil for healing: The aloe plant is renown for its healing and moisturizing properties. Oil extracted from aloe leaves and added to a base, such as hazelnut oil, is excellent for all skin types. This double dose of oils replenishes and provides skin with healing ingredients.

aloe vera gel

Aloe-vera Gel Conditioning treatment for Oily Hair with aloe-vera: This recipe works even without the lemon juice. Sea water, sand and sun can dry out the hair and scalp. To prevent damage, apply a conditioning treatment containing aloe-vera gel, protein powder, cedarwood essential oil and tea-tree essential oil. This treatment leaves the hair healthy and shiny.

apricot kernel oil organic virgin Kenya

Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic (Virgin) (Kenya) Our Organic Apricot Kernel Oil is cold pressed so that it retains all of the nutritional value and high concentration of essential fatty acids because it has not been compromised by heat. At the core of the apricot pit is the kernel, which is pressed to yield the apricot kernel oil. It is used as a culinary flavoring, but not recommended for high heat uses. It has a deliciously complex flavor, similar to that of almond oil, with a mixture of sweet and bitter. Apricot Kernel Oil is also well suited for skin care products because it is a mild, moisturizing oil, and is readily absorbed into the skin without leaving a residue behind.

avocado oil

Avocado Oil Extra Virgin (unrefined)(Brazil) Our extra virgin avocado oil is of nonpareil quality. Cold pressed from the flesh of ripe avocado's, the oil is an olive green and exceptionally emollient. It contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals including copious amounts of Vitamins A, C, and E. Avocado also has the highest protein content of any fruit, making it ideal for undernourished, aging, and lackluster skin and hair. It has a light and soft quality that spreads easily and has a light sunscreen effect. It is also very effective at softening the hair and providing shine. Highly recommended.

avocado oil unrefined

Avocado Oil (unrefined) Our Avocado Oil (Persea americana) is expeller pressed from the soft green flesh around the pit of the avocado. Because avocados have a high content of healthy fats, the oil also contains all the healthy monounsaturated and saturated fats, including many antioxidants. Avocado produces one of the healthiest and most versatile oils available. Avocado Oil contains lecithin and potassium, making it highly beneficial in shampoo for dry hair and skin care products.

Babassu-kernel oil

Babassu-kernel oil Babassu-kernel oil for softness: Pressed from South American babassu-palm trees, moisturizing, non-greasy babassu-kernel oil can soften both sensitive and oily skins.

castor oil organic

Castor Oil, ORGANIC Organic castor oil is also renown for its hair rejuvenating qualities including stimulating hair growth, countering dandruff, repairing split ends, nourishing the hair, thickening and strengthening the hair, stimulating blood flow to the scalp, cleansing toxins from the scalp, moisturizing dry and brittle hair, adding body and bounce to hair, preventing hair breakage, thickens eyelashes, counteracts an itchy scalp, supplies nutrients to the hair follicles, disinfects wounds and promotes healing, works as an analgesic, humectant, antiviral, and antibacterial. A heavy, viscous protective oil useful for sealing in moisture. Soothing for all skin types. Organic castor oil is an excellent addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, as well as skin and hair care.

castor oil unrefined organic

Castor Oil, Organic (Unrefined) Castor Oil has a variety of uses, from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and skin care products. Modern non-medicinal uses for castor oil include being used as a food additive, a potential mold inhibitor, and as an ingredient in skin care products and cosmetics, including creams for a variety of skin conditions.

virgin unrefined coconut oil

Coconut Oil Organic Virgin (unrefined) Our Organic Coconut Oil is expeller pressed from the organic fruit of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). It is not refined, bleached or deodorized, thus retains the distinct flavor and odor of coconut. Both refined and unrefined coconut oil are rich in antioxidants and contain the same amount of the beneficial lauric fatty-acid containing antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. However, the unrefined oil is richer in phytonutrients than refined coconut oil. The ideal additive to shampoo for Color Treated Hair, which Is also dry. Choose unrefined coconut oil if you desire the fullest coconut flavor and the most phytonutrients. Pure coconut oil also makes a luscious and soothing massage and body oil or lotion for dry skin.

coconut oil extra virgin organic unrefined

Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin, ORGANIC (Unrefined) Cold pressed organic coconut oil is a versatile and nutritious treat for the skin and hair. It acts as an effective moisturizer on all types of skin. Coconut oil is ideal for preventing dryness and flaking of skin in addition to halting wrinkles and adding moisture. Coconut oil helps in preventing premature aging and degenerative skin diseases due to its antioxidant properties. It contains ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid which have been proven to be strong natural anti-oxidants. Use coconut oil to enjoy significantly fewer wrinkles and fewer blemishes. Good for all skin types. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is ideal to use in hair, skin, and beauty formulations.

evening primrose oil organic

Evening Primrose Oil Organic (Refined) Evening Primrose Oil is a pure oil produced by cold press from the seed of Oenothera biennis, and is refined. Evening Primrose Seeds have very high levels of the essential fatty acid "gamma-linolenic acid" (GLA), also known as "Omega-6", which is crucial for maintaining a joint's cell structure and function. Our high quality Evening Primrose Oil contains 10% gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), and has a range of therapeutic properties. The oil is primarily used as an ingredient in skin care products. Refined Evening Primrose Oil typically has a mild odor and taste, and is good for medium heat uses. Starwest Botanicals offers both Organic and Non-Organic Evening Primrose Oil.

evening-primrose oil

Evening Primrose (Refined) It reduces infection and bacterial growth on the skin thereby shrinking the acne. Regular use may even protect your skin from the formation of acne. The emollient properties of primrose oil help in keeping skin free from dryness, which is a major cause of acne and blemishes. Another cause of acne are the dead skin cells and excessive oil secretion that tend to deposit in the pores of your skin and clog them. It in turn forms a perfect platform for bacteria to grow and results in acne, breakouts, blackheads and even whiteheads. One of the best ways to address such problems is deep cleansing of pores. It is a myth that applying oils may even clog them more; the truth is oils like evening primrose dissolves the impurities present deep inside the pores and drags them out, so that you are left with clean and fresh skin. Primrose oil stimulates circulation, by helping the cells in that area become healthy and nourished. The healthier the cells, the faster dead ones are replaced by fresh skin.

grapefruir seed oil

Grapefruit Seed Oil Pure & Organic Skin Hair Nails Health

All our oils are fresh and bottled daily. Expiration date is at least 12 month from sale date
Organic Ingredients:100% Pure Grapefruit Seed Oil
Botanical Name: Citrus grandis
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Color: Pale yellow to golden yellow liquid
Aromatic Description: Typical and Characteristic of Carrier Oils
Grapefruit is a citrus fruit. People use the fruit, oil from the peel, and extracts from the seed as medicine. Grapefruit seed extract is processed from grapefruit seeds and pulp obtained as a byproduct from grapefruit juice production.
Grapefruit juice is used for high cholesterol, "hardening of the arteries" (atherosclerosis), cancer, a skin disease called psoriasis, and for weight loss and obesity.
Grapefruit seed extract is taken by mouth for bacterial, viral, and fungal infections including yeast infections.
Grapefruit oil is applied to the skin for muscle fatigue, hair growth, toning the skin, and for acne and oily skin. It is also used for the common cold and flu (influenza).
Grapefruit seed extract is applied to the skin as a facial cleanser, first-aid treatment, remedy for mild skin irritations, and as a vaginal douche for vaginal yeast infections (candidiasis). It is also used as an ear or nasal rinse for preventing and treating infections; as a gargle for sore throats; and a dental rinse for preventing gingivitis and promoting healthy gums; and as a breath freshener.

grapeseed oil 

Grapeseed oil Grapeseed oil is thin-bodied and is one of the lightest oils. It is clear in color and has hardly any odor. Its thin consistency allows it to penetrate rapidly into the skin, quickly transporting healing components into skin tissue. Grapeseed oil is particularly good for mixed skin types, as well as greasy skin with blemishes or acne.

macadamia-nut oil

Macadamia-nut oil Often referred to as "dry oil" macadamia-nut oil has an exceptionally light consistency that is readily absorbed by the skin. Rich in oleic acid, the oil provides moisture for all skin types.

grapeseed oil organic virgin

Grapeseed Oil, Organic (Virgin) Because of its smooth texture, Grapeseed Oil is also a great carrier oil for skin care products because it penetrates into your skin quickly, and it absorbs without leaving a greasy residue. It is high in antioxidants and linoleic acid, which makes it perfect for using in aromatherapy products.

grapeseed oil refined

Grapeseed Oil (Spain) Grapeseed Oil is low in saturated fat, contains no cholesterol, and is rich in proanthocyanidins (OPC). This oil is known for its moisturizing properties and is widely used in skin care products, and is also suitable for culinary purposes. Because of its smooth texture, Grapeseed Oil is also a great carrier oil for skin care products because it penetrates into your skin quickly, and it absorbs without leaving a greasy residue. It is high in antioxidants and linoleic acid, which makes it perfect for using in aromatherapy products.

grape-seed oil refined

Grape-seed Oil (Spain) This oil is known for its moisturizing properties and is widely used in skin care products, and is also suitable for culinary purposes. Because of its smooth texture, Grapeseed Oil is also a great carrier oil for skin care products because it penetrates into your skin quickly, and it absorbs without leaving a greasy residue. It is high in antioxidants and linoleic acid, which makes it perfect for using in aromatherapy products.

grapeseed oil refined

Grapeseed Oil, Refined Grape seed oil is chock full of powerful antioxidants which curb the production of free radicals. Cold pressed grapeseed oil repairs free radical damage associated with UV radiation as well as increases the body's natural ability to maintain proper levels of moisture. A few of the attributes of cold pressed grapeseed oil include: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-histamine, anti-aging, anti-microbial, adaptogenic activity, humectant (moisture retention), acne reducing capabilities, and effective UV radiation protection. Grape seed oil may improve the production of collagen which is important for maintaining healthy connective tissues in our joints. It may also enhance elastin which is important for strong and supple skin. Penetrating into your skin quickly, grapeseed oil absorbs without leaving an oily residue.

Hazelnut Oil, Organic Hazelnut oil can be used as sunscreen as it is able to filter all the harmful rays of the sun. Because of this most sunscreens contain hazelnut oil. For stronger effect you can mix this oil with sesame oil, avocado oil, and walnut oil. Another way to utilize the benefits of hazelnut oil is to mix a drop of this oil in any of your daily cream and lotion, which can then act as the best sun guard. Like most of other carrier oils, hazelnut oil is also a rich source of vitamin E. The anti-oxidant properties of this vitamin helps in solving many of the problems associated with ageing. Free radicals cause the maximum amount of damage like the destruction of cells and chapped skin. Regular application of hazelnut oil is able to reverse this process by eliminating the free radicals. Coloring the hair is trendy and nowadays more and more people are going for this. But one drawback is that on regular washing the color tends to fade quicker while making the hair dull and rough. To retain your hair color for longer duration, apply hazelnut oil to your hair before shampooing. This is also a good way to strengthen the hair as the oil contains good amounts of vitamin E.

jojoba oil organic

Jojoba Oil Organic (Peru) Jojoba Oil is actually a naturally occurring, liquefied form of vegetable wax. It is widely used in skin care and hair care products because its components have a striking similarity with that of sebum, an oily matter secreted by the oil glands present under the skin's surface. It is this oily substance that gives the soft and smooth texture to the human skin and hair. Jojoba oil acts as an excellent moisturizer, and it supplies the skin with adequate moisture without blocking the skin pores. Jojoba is perfect in face moisturizers, skin care creams, shampoo and conditioners, body oils, soaps, and lip balms.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a nutritious, deeply moisturizing oil and it has a host of highly effective skin restoring and antioxidant properties. It is often used in cosmetic applications, thus creating a soothing product that is easily absorbed by the skin.

sesame oil organic (Virgin)

Sesame Oil, Organic (Virgin) Sesame Seed Oil cold pressed from high quality organic sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum). Organic Sesame Oil is not only prized for its deliciously nutty flavor, but also its high antioxidant content. Sesame seeds contain a large amount of vitamin E, which is fat soluble and is retained in the oil when it is cold pressed. In addition to retaining its flavor and antioxidant content, Virgin Sesame Oil also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium and copper, and is also less prone to rancidity. It is a delicious all-purpose oil for any culinary tradition, and best suited for low to medium heat dishes. Sesame oil is also renowned for its excellent emollient properties, and because it absorbs quickly into the skin, it is an excellent choice for body and skin care products.

soybean oil

Soybean Oil used in many body scrubs, penetrate the skin readily. They supply essential fatty acids to the skin, lending it increased elasticity and a soft sheen.

Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil Apply sesame oil to reduce sun damage: The rays of the sun are extremely damaging to your hair, bleaching and drying it until it becomes brittle. Indeed, hair damage caused by to much ultraviolet radiation is irreparable. However, sesame oil can provide excellent sun protection. Message a few tablespoons of the oil into your hair and scalp before going out into the sun for prolonged periods. Sesame oil includes natural SPF (sun protection factor) of about 2,5. For added protection you can blend the sesame oil with 10 drops of carrot-seed essential oil, which is high in antioxidants.

sunflower oil organic refined

Sunflower Oil, Organic (Refined) Our Organic Sunflower Oil is derived by the expeller pressing of sun-ripened organic sunflower seeds (Helianthus annuus), is refined, bleached and deodorized. Organic Sunfower Oil tends to be higher in monosaturated fat and lower in saturated fats than regular sunflower oil, and is rich in vitamins A, D and E, including the essential linoleic acid. Our Refined Organic Sunflower Oil has a delicious, slightly nutty flavor. The high level of oleic fatty acids make it suitable for medium-high to high heat, which is perfect for stir-frying, frying, sautéing, baking or blending into a dressing/sauce. It is also deeply nourishing and conditioning for the skin, and is highly recommended for skin care recipes.

sweet almond oil

Sweet Almond Oil is easily absorbed into the skin, making it a popular carrier oil. It is often used as an ingredient in skin care products and soaps because of its stable properties and lathering capabilities.

walnut oil organic cold pressed

Walnut Oil Organic Cold Pressed Walnut Oil is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which may help lower the risk of heart disease, and help reduce bad cholesterol and reduce inflammation.

Walnut Oil contains a high amount of monounsaturated oils such as Omega-9 which helps improve blood circulation. Walnut Oil also contains a high level of antioxidants which help fights against free radicals which cause cell damage and aging.

Walnuts are particularly dense in the antioxidant ellagic acid, which helps to control the replication of malignant tumors. Ellagic acid also has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antiseptic properties. Walnuts and their oils are also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B-1, B-2, and B-3, Vitamin E, niacin, vitamin C, selenium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium. Walnut Oil has also been used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Wheat Germ Oil (Unrefined)Wheat-germ Oil This oil is widely used as a cosmetic ingredient. Because of its high vitamin E content, and high antioxidant and regenerative properties, Unrefined Wheat Germ Oil is a wonderful ingredient to add to bodycare and cosmetic products, and perfect as a carrier oil (15-20%).

green clay

French Green Clay French Green Clay doesn't necessarily come from France, though the clay was originally a French export and most of what is available is from France. Thus it was named accordingly. However, deposits of this green clay are also found in the US and parts of Europe. The green color comes from the contained decomposed plants. French Green Clay has deodorizing and absorbing properties and is often used in cosmetics, such as facial masks, and also in poultices used for skin irritations such as insect bites and rashes.

Kaolin Clay White

Kaolin Clay White Our Kaolin Clay is a naturally white clay made up mostly of silica  and aluminum oxide and has a balanced pH. Also known as 'China Clay', Kaolin Clay gets its name from the high ridge near Jingdezhen in China's Jiang Xi Province known as Kau-ling (Gaoling). Deposits of Kaolin Clay may have been mined as long as 2,200 years ago. Today, it is mined worldwide, with Starwest's Kaolin Clay originating from deposits found in the United States. It is commonly used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, such as creams, lotions, powders, and color applications. It has a light, fluffy texture that is gentle in application, making it suitable for delicate skin.

Topical Butters contain nutrients which can be easily absorbed into the skin - perfect for use in body care recipes because of their abilities to nourish, rejuvenate, and moisturize the skin. Many butters are too hard to use alone and should be combined with an oil, which makes them easier to apply to the skin. Our topical butters have no added ingredients unless otherwise noted. Topical butters are in solid form, packaged in 4 oz and 8 oz jars. Chunks are packaged in polyfoil, resealable ziplock bags. To prepare butters, melt them in a double boiler and combine with a liquid carrier oil. Pour into a container and allow to solidify at room temperature. This process will make the butter a softer consistency, and applies easier to the skin.

Organic Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter Our Cocoa Butters are pure food grade, have a rich pleasant chocolate aroma, and can be used both as a culinary ingredient or in cosmetic products. It also contains natural antioxidants that actually prevent rancidity. In addition to its well-known skin regeneration properties, Cocoa Butter is a high quality emollient, a skin softening and moisturizing agent and can help the skin retain moisture. It is an excellent moisturizer with a rich and creamy, thick consistency commonly used in cosmetic products including sunblock, body care products, cold process soap making, lip and bath balms.

shea butter

Organic Shea Butter (Refined) Shea Butter is derived from the Shea Nut (Butyrospermum parkii) of the karite nut trees in West Africa. It is physically extracted by boiling the nuts, and as the fat/oil rises, it is manually scooped off. It is bleached and deodorized, thus having an mild to nonexistent odor.

While Shea Butter has a wide variety of applications, it is most well known for its exceptional dermatological and cosmetic healing properties, and a highly effective emollient. What makes Shea butter an extraordinary skin care product is its richness in precious constituents, which include unsaturated fats with a large proportion of "unsaponifiables" components, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins and allantoin-all which are natural and make Shea Butter a superfood for both skin and hair.

Starwest Botanicals offers both Conventional and Organic Refined Shea Butters.

shea butter expeller pressed

Shea Butter Expeller Pressed, Refined Shea butter is an ivory colored butter from Africa high in both stearic and oleic acid. Highly protective with a fulsome array of antioxidants, shea butter is one of the hottest beauty butters on the market today. Shea butter is useful for treating a wide range of skin ailments and increasing cellular regeneration. Highly recommended. Shea butter is a delightful addition to cosmetic preparations, personal care formulations, soaps, and toiletries.

Dried herbs have enriched the daily lives of cultures across the world for millennia. Not only can dried herbs be used to season delectable dishes, they can be included in relaxing teas, medicinal formulas and supplements, healing baths and wellness products, natural craft projects, or dried herbs can even be used as simple, decorative bunches to add warmth to any home’s décor.

Starwest Botanicals has been sourcing the highest quality bulk herbs, bulk spices and bulk tea from the best growers in the world for over 30 years. As our long-time customers know, the best dried herbs must come from the purest fresh herbs in order to ensure they will be potent. To fully control the quality of the herbs we source, we also process and package them in our own 85,000 square foot facility and conduct many quality assurance tests in our in-house lab as they make their way to the packaging stage.

Since we are so certain that you will be 100% satisfied with the dried herbs created from your Starwest Botanicals products, we offer a satisfaction guarantee with every order. If you ever receive an order that you are not completely satisfied with, we will immediately replace your order, give you an in-store credit for another purchase, or give you a full refund. In addition to the potent fresh and dried herbs we can provide you with, we also offer over 3,000 natural products to help you maintain your healthy and natural lifestyle.

Organic Fennel Seed

Organic Fennel Seed Fennel seeds for tired, dry eyes: An eye bath with fennel-seed tea is clarifying, cleansing and refreshing for tired eyes. It also helps lubricate dry eyes. Fennel-tea eye baths are ideal for individuals who must work in front of computers or strain their eyes in other ways, since they relax the eye muscles and relieve eyestrain. Buy in bulk and grind your own. Fennel Seed, which derives from the Foeniculum vulgare herb, is a wonderful seasoning for a range of dishes. The Fennel we offer comes in powdered and whole forms, as well as kosher and organic varieties. Our organic Fennel Seed meets strict guidelines as laid out by the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Organic Program, and is certified organic by Quality Assurance International.

Fennel Seed Tea Fennel seeds for tired, dry eyes: An eye bath with fennel-seed tea is clarifying, cleansing and refreshing for tired eyes. It also helps lubricate dry eyes. Fennel-tea eye baths are ideal for individuals who must work in front of computers or strain their eyes in other ways, since they relax the eye muscles and relieve eyestrain.

Linden Leaf and Flower

Organic Linden Leaf & Flower C/S Linden Leaf and Flower, or Tilia europaea, is found in the temperate climates of Europe, Asia, and North America. Linden Leaves and Flowers are found in a variety of different species and each has been used therapeutically. The flower of the plant is the part that most frequently used for these preparations.

Linden Flower and Leaf has been historically used in Europe and America for centuries for a wide range of complaints - mostly associated with its purported calming properties. The flowers are added to baths or teas and you'll still find Tilia europaea used in many herbal remedies today.

passionflower leaf

Organic Passion Flower Leaf C/S For relieving nervousness: The components in the roots of valerian, passionflower leaves and violet blossoms can calm irritated nerves, encourage peacefulness and strengthen the nervous system in general. The Passion Flower, or Passiflora incarnate is considered to be one of the powerful herbs native to the Western hemisphere.

The Passiflora incarnate is a woody vine which grows the most unique flowers which reminded early settlers of the passion of Christ, hence the herbs name. The plant grows native to North, Central and South America and bears small, berry-like fruit called granadilla or water lemons.

Many herbalists commonly use Passion Flower cut and sifted as an aid for pain and insomnia. Passion Flower leaf may also be tried as a means to treat imbalances of the nervous system including insomnia, nervous tension and stress headaches. This dried herb may also alleviate anxiety and nervousness but without triggering the dependence and withdrawal common in anti-anxiety prescription medications.

This dried herb is believed to be a helpful aid in for female anxiety during menses, childbirth and menopause. Passion Flower Cut and Sifted has shown to ease spasms and depresses the central nervous system.

valerian root

Organic Valerian Root C/S (India) Our Valerian Root, which comes from the hardy perennial Valeriana officinalis plant, is grown to organic standards by our United States growers. It is also found growing in Europe and Asia. Valerian Root is also commonly known as Wild Valerian, German Valerian or English Valerian, and comes in several different forms, which include cut and sifted and powdered.

The Valeriana officinalis that we use in our dried herb preparations is certified kosher and organic. Organic certification is granted by Quality Assurance International, according to United States Department of Agriculture and National Organic Program guidelines. Starwest Botanicals, a leading supplier of bulk dried herbs, assures the quality of each dried herb product we sell through rigorous laboratory testing. This testing includes botanical identification, tests for appearance, color, aroma and flavor, as well as physical, chemical and microbiological analyses in order to bring you the highest quality dried bulk herbs on the market today.

organic hops flowers

Organic Hops Flowers (USA) People who appreciate good beer and ale are familiar with the sharp, bitter taste imparted by Humulus lupulus, better known as Hops Flowers. Distantly related to hemp, Hops Flowers are a type of non-vine climbing perennial that like other herbs, grow starting early in the spring and die back in the fall. Powder Hops Flowers are used not only as a flavoring agent in beer and ale (as are many other types of bulk herbs), but as a preservative as well; the popular "India Pale Ale" produced by many regional microbreweries across the US had its origins in the early 19th Century when the old British Empire was at its height. In the days before refrigeration, most traditional English ales could not survive the six-month voyage from London to India aboard clipper ships; therefore, ale destined for outlying British territories contained an extra measure of Hops Flowers as a preservative.

The preservative action of natural herbs like Hops Flowers are connected to its reported medicinal properties. The active biochemical in c/s Hops Flowers, known as humulene, is believed to have antibacterial and stimulant properties. Dried Hops Flowers, when brewed as a tea, is one of such wildcrafted herbs that may also have calming properties. In addition, Hops Flowers are known to contain beneficial flavonoids, which have anti-oxidant properties.

Studies of the actual therapeutic benefits of Hops Flowers are not yet conclusive. People using such bulk organic herbs for medicinal purposes should consult a licensed herbalist or healthcare professional.

blue violet leaf powder

Blue Violet Leaf Powder Superior quality bulk Violet Leaf available from Starwest - offering the finest Chinese, craft, culinary, and therapeutic herbs since 1975. 

organic chinese ginseng root

Chinese Red & White Ginseng Roots (China) For mental and physical stress:
When stress levels run high, Siberian-ginseng root can be beneficial in reducing stress levels, but if you are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy, avoid using them. 

organic catnip leaves

Organic Catnip Leaf C/S (USA) As the actual leaf of the Nepeta cataria plant, Catnip Leaf is a true "herb" (unlike other natural plant extracts such as roots, seeds, flowers and bark that are marketed as organic bulk herbs and while having possible healthful effects, are not actually "bulk herbs" in the technical sense.

While humans may find dried Nepeta cataria leaves to be effective when taken as an infusion, to their pet felines, Catnip Leaf is in fact not a medicinal herb but a narcotic. Felines have a sense of smell that is far more developed that that of humans - by a magnitude of several million. In fact, it has been suggested that felines perceive scent in the same way that humans perceive color. Just as certain wildcrafted herbs can cause humans to have visual hallucinations, so too does catnip leaf cause your tabby to experience olfactory hallucinations - which, if the typical cat response is any indication, are highly pleasurable, but ultimately harmless.

Ground Catnip Leaf can be used as a tea. If you live with a cat (or more than one), you'll want buy organic bulk herbs like Nepeta cataria in sizable quantities to keep your kitties entertained. (In fact, this natural herb, when given to your cat, is more likely to keep you entertained.) 

Organic St. John's Wort Herb C/S (Croatia)

Organic St. John's Wort Herb C/S (Croatia) Hypericum perforatum is the botanical name of the plant from which St. John's Wort Herb is produced. Starwest carries both a cut and sifted as well as powdered form of St. John's Wort Herb, in addition to certified kosher and organic forms. Starwest Botanicals is one of the largest suppliers of organic dried herbs in the United States, and we offer the best value to our discerning customers by providing only the highest-quality dried herbs, at fair prices, with unparalleled customer service.

Other common names for Hypericum perforatum include Klamath weed, goatweed, witches herb, god's wonder plant and Tipton's weed. The plant, which is a small deciduous shrub, bears lovely bright yellow flowers followed by small red fruits. It should not be taken if you are currently on pharmaceutical MAO-inhibitors.

Starwest's organic dried herbs, including St. John's Wort Herb, have been certified as grown without the use of synthetic chemicals including fertilizers and pesticides by Quality Assurance International.

Dried Lavender Blossoms Super

Dried Lavender Flowers (France) The aromatic properties of Lavender Flowers make it quite useful in as an extra in lotions and creams. They are used extensively in perfumes, soaps and sachets. Lavender water, made from the essential oil, is recommended in therapeutic baths for its relaxant properties. This calming oil can have a sedative action. A small amount of Lavender Flowers, Lavandula angustifolia, added to ordinary oils makes a useful application.

Organic Red Clover Blossom

Organic Red Clover Blossom C/S (Croatia) Red clover to soothe: Red-clover flowers contribute anti-inflammatory substances that gently condition dry, sensitive skin and help alleviate mild sweating. Red Clover Blossoms or Trifolium pratense also known as wild clover, cow clover and purple clover are a native plant of North Africa, Asia and Europe. Starwest Botanicals offers this and many other varieties of organic herbs in bulk.

Buying and using bulk wholesale organic herbs such as Red Clover Blossoms offers you the many benefits of plants that were once highly valued by our ancestors. Organic herbs have had many uses in the past and can still play an important role in the day to day life of individuals today.

You can use Red Clover Blossoms in many forms. You can buy it as leaf and blossom or as a whole powder. Buying bulk wholesale herbs such as Red Clover Blossoms can help supplement your diet and lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

dried nettle leaves

Dried Nettle Leaves (Bulgaria) You can be confident in the superior quality of our Nettle Leaf and all of the wholesale organic herbs we offer because they are all sourced from the finest growers worldwide. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

dried rose petals

Dried Rose Petals (Bulgarian Rose Valley) Red Rose Buds and Petals are often used for their aromatic properties, which add a wonderful scent to sachets, potpourri and herbal body care blends. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Organic Chamomile Flower Whole

Organic Chamomile Flowers Whole (Egypt) Chamomile Flowers, also known as Matricaria recutita, are one of the safest, most popular natural botanicals available. This is because Chamomile Flowers, which grow in locations around the world, have a myriad of internal and external uses.

burdock root organic

Burdock Root (Croatia). Burdock Root, which is also called Arctium lappa, Lappa and edible burdock, has all of the following useful properties: antibiotic, anti-fungal, diaphoretic, diuretic and antipyretic.

rosemary leaves organic

Rosemary Leaves (Morocco). The dried leaves of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) have an invigorating and warming effect on the body. Rosemary leaves and oil helps stimulate scalp circulation and hair growth.

calendula flowers

Calendula Flowers Organic (Egypt) which are also known as Calendula officinalis, Gold-bloom, Marigold, Marybud and Pot Marigold. Calendula Flowers may be useful for their stimulant and diaphoretic properties.

sage leaf powder

Organic Sage Leaf Powder (Egypt) The term Salvia is in fact the scientific name for sage leaf. If you think that sounds a little bit like "salvation" or "salvage," you're not far off. "Salvia" is the Latin word for "healing," and current research suggests that organic sage may in fact be useful in the treatment of bacterial and fungal disease as well as early stage Alzheimers. (It is not recommended for therapeutic uses in patients that are taking stimulants or tranquilizers, however, due to possible negative interactions.) Dust your feet with a mixture of 1/2 cup of baking soda, 2 tbsp. of zinc oxide powder, 2 tbsp. of fine, dry white clay and 4 tbsp. of powdered sage. Sprinkle a bit inside your shoes as well, to keep your feet fresh all day.

sage leaf organic

Sage Leaf Organic (Egypt) The term Salvia is in fact the scientific name for sage leaf. If you think that sounds a little bit like "salvation" or "salvage," you're not far off. "Salvia" is the Latin word for "healing," and current research suggests that organic sage may in fact be useful in the treatment of bacterial and fungal disease.

black walnut hull powder

Black Walnut Hull Organic (USA) Use herbal rinses to bring out your hair's natural highlights. To make dark hair more vibrant, add 1 tablespoon of each of dried comfrey, powdered black-walnut hull and sage.

vanilla bean

Vanilla Beans Organic (India) A warming, spicy, and exotic perfume blend that will lift spirits, invigorate senses, alleviate stress, mental fatigue, and tension.

cardamom pods organic

Cardamom Pods Whole Organic (Guatemala) A warming, spicy, and exotic blend that will lift spirits, invigorate senses, alleviate stress, mental fatigue, and tension.

coltsfoot leaf

Coltsfoot Leaf The Tussilago farfara is a wild flowering plant native to Eurasia that was introduced to the Western Hemisphere by settlers over the past 3-4 centuries. More commonly known as Coltsfoot (leaf of this plant resembles a young horse's hoof), Tussilago farfara looks a great deal like the common dandelion, but grows quite differently. Like many organic bulk herbs, Tussilago farfara is edible.

Traditionally, Coltsfoot Leaf has had many uses. Amazingly, the dried Coltsfoot Leaf was actually "smoked" - in other words, this medicinal herb was put in a pipe from which patients would draw the fumes into their lungs. Needless to say, this method of ingesting Coltsfoot Leaf likely did more harm than good; however, dried Coltsfoot Leaf is still used in herbal smoking blends as a tobacco substitute.

Other reported uses of Tussilago farfara involved crushing the flowers and making a poultice that is applied to the skin.

Trained herbalists note that Coltsfoot leaf contains mucilage, tannins and zinc. However, the alkaloid substances naturally occurring in the organic herb means that in large doses, Tussilago farfara can be potentially poisonous; people with a history of liver disorders should avoid Coltsfoot Leaf.

organic yarrow flowers

Organic Yarrow Flower C/S (Croatia) Our organic Yarrow Flowers, which go by the Latin botanical name of Achillea millefolium, come to us from our grower in Croatia, and are also certified kosher. Yarrow Flowers are also known by the common names Milfoil, Noble Yarrow, Millefolium, Thousand Leaf and Nosebleed. 

Organic Elder Flowers

Organic Elder Flowers C/S (Croatia) Elder Flowers are produced by the Sambucus nigra shrub, found in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our Elder flowers supplier is in Bulgaria. Commonly, Sambucus nigra is known as Black Elder, European Elder, and Boor tree, with the "nigra" portion of the name as Latin for "black". The Elder Flowers emerge from the branches of the Sambucus nigra in the summer months, after which they drop and the berries of the plant are produced. The flowers on the shrub are formed in clusters which are small, tubular shaped, white in color and quite fragrant.

Our wholesale Elder Flowers come in both the cut and sifted as well as powder forms. Bulk Elder Flowers may be taken as a tea. The Flowers have been used historically as a blood cleanser and diuretic.

organic kelp powder

Organic Kelp Powder Kelp to detoxify:
Starwest Botanicals is pleased to offer natural and organic Dried Kelp, also known as Ascophyllum nodosum and seaweed, as part of its extensive line of quality bulk herbs and spices. Dried Kelp, or seaweed, which naturally grows along shallow coastlines around the world, can be cultivated and used as an excellent source of iodine, iron, calcium and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E. Organic kelp is also an excellent salt substitute.

The superior quality natural kelp, or Ascophyllum nodosum, that Starwest offers is from the nutrient rich coastlines of the Atlantic and can be purchased as kelp powder or kelp granules in 4 oz and one pound quantities. This makes it easy to take kelp as a supplement or include it in herbal mixtures that promote thyroid function.

Birch Leaves

Birch Leaves When used regularly, this hair rinse will help to maintain the health of the scalp and may even be a good choice for preventing hair loss. It also keeps the hair soft and gives a silky sheen. Contraindications: Do not use this rinse on blond or grey hair, as it may darken the color.

Organic Comfrey Leaf

Organic Comfrey Leaf C/S (Croatia) Make your own infused oil. Comfrey Leaf, which is also known as Symphytum officinale, slippery root, knitbone, blackwort, bruisewort and healing herb, has many common uses.

Starwest Botanicals is pleased to offer four types of Comfrey Leaf that you can select from: natural or organic cut and sifted Comfrey Leaf and natural or organic Comfrey Leaf Powder.

Like all of our dried herbs and fresh bulk herbs, we only source our Comfrey Leaf from the best growers across the globe. We process all of our superior quality bulk herbs in our own facility to ensure they are you are 100% satisfied with every bulk herbs order.

Witch Hazel Leaf C/S Wildcrafted

Witch Hazel Leaf C/S Wildcrafted Witch Hazel Leaf or Hamamelis virginiana also called snapping hazel, striped alder, spotted alder, tobacco wood and winter bloom is a North American native shrub. This natural herb comes in many forms, and makes a favorite addition to any well stocked organic herbs collection. Both the leaf and the bark of Hamamelis virginiana been used for herbal remedies. Hamamelis leaf is not recommended for use during pregnancy and it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before using this product. Because of the potential risk to the infant, breast-feeding while using this product is not recommended.

Quality bulk herbs can have many great uses and Hamamelis virginiana is no exception. Witch Hazel Leaf has been said to be useful for treating ailments like piles, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, and even varicose veins. Starwest Botanicals offers wholesale bulk Witch Hazel Leaf in whole or powder form for use in teas and for the topical treatment of skin injuries, burns, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids.

Eyebright Herb Powder Wildcrafted Euphrasia officinalis proper is native to Great Britain; it is one species of a genus of wildcrafted herbs similar to eyebright herb that grows wild across the Northern Hemisphere. Interestingly, it resists most attempts at cultivation unless there are other plants for it to feed on; euphrasia officinalis is considered a "parasite" - part of a group of natural herbs and other plants that feed off of the roots of other plants, such as grasses.

Herbalists of the 1500s used dried Eyebright Herb for the eye complaints. Traditionally, the plant was used fresh, cut off just above the root so the the milk could be collected. This is also one of the organic herbs used in herbal cigarettes in Britain, which are smoked; although inhaling any kind of smoke is inadvisable.

Anyone purchasing wholesale Eyebright herb for the purpose of preparing a homeopathic remedy are advised that any claims made for bulk herbs have not been confirmed by medical authorities and should be used cautiously and under the advice of a licensed herbalist or naturopath.

organic peppermint leaf

Organic Peppermint Leaf C/S (USA) (Mentha piperita) Peppermint Leaf, which also known as Mentha piperita, Brady mint, balm mint, curled mint and lamb mint, has many useful properties among them being an additive to your bath for colds and congestion.

comfrey root

Comfrey-root contains essential nutrients, such as allantoin, emollients and mucopolysaccharides. It also helps to minimize inflammation and counteract cellular aging.

organic cleavers

Organic Cleavers Herb (Croatia) A relative of the coffee plant, Galium aparine has many colorful names besides Cleaver's Herb, which include goosegrass, robin-run the hedge, stickywilly and catchweed. The last two names are significant when you consider that fresh cleaver's herb are fuzzy and have a tendency to stick to fabric. Although this natural herb is edible when boiled, this fuzz makes Galium aparine a poor choice to eat raw.

In traditional folk medicine, Cleaver's Herb was used for rashes and other dermal disorders and injuries. In addition, organic Galium aparine appears to act as a relaxant. When boiled, the root of the Galium aparine plant produces a harmless red dye that is used in the manufacture of clothing made from organic fabrics.

Claims regarding the health benefits of various medicinal herbs have not been scientifically proven in many cases; however, it is true that Cleaver's Herb is one of the herbs and spices in bulk that contains high levels of Vitamin C.

everlasting flower

Helichrysum (Bulgaria) The Life Everlasting Flower, or Helichrysum stoechas, is an herb indigenous to South and North Carolina. The Helichrysum stoechas, or Life Everlasting Flower, derives its name from the powerful aroma of curry when the leaves or stems are crushed and is a member of the mint family.

The Life Everlasting Flower is a natural astringent. The flowers of the Life Everlasting Flower are implemented as diaphoretics and discutients and are used regularly as an astringent. Fresh juice from the Life Everlasting Flower may also have aphrodisiac properties. The stem tops and the flowers of the Life Everlasting Flower are thought to be a deobstruent and expectorant.

The aroma is very supportive and comforting and believed by some to open the right side of the brain. It is commonly recommended in meditation blends to encourage spirituality and personal growth.

spearmint leaves

Organic Spearmint Leaf C/S Starwest Botanicals has many different forms of Spearmint Leaf available for you to choose from. Certified kosher and organic cut and sifted forms are available from Starwest, along with a powdered form and spearmint tea bags made with the finest U.S grown organic Spearmint. Starwest Botanicals is a certified bulk herbs processor that is committed to bringing value to every customer's purchase of dried herbs and herb products.


Flaxseed Fresh, finely ground flaxseeds are suitable for scrubs for all skin types, but are especially good for normal or oily skin; these types are prone to surface dehydration and irritation. The slippery and mucilaginous qualities of flaxseeds not only serve to gently exfoliate the skin, but also to soften and moisturize it.

arnica flowers

Dried Arnica Flowers Germany Arnica Flower or Arnica Montana also known as Mountain Tobacco, Wolf's Bane, and Mountain Arnica is closely related to the Sunflower. Arnica Flower is grown in Europe and in the Western U.S. and has been commonly used for a variety of ailments. The whole Arnica Flower is used in preparations such as oils and infusions. Like many other well known natural herbs, Arnica Montana has a long history. From seeds to powder, roots or whole, Arnica Flower has long been a popular remedy, including use by the American Indians who made healing ointments and tinctures with native species.

Essential oils are something only nature could inspire. Considered the life-force in every living plant, essential oils contain the soul, or essence, of the plant - the odor, taste and therapeutic properties. Extracted from the root, bark, wood, seed, flower, fruit, and leaf of freshly harvested plants, essential oils contain the plant's powerful benefits - their uses have been well documented for centuries and throughout the world.

Starwest essential oils are extracted from only superior quality plants, they are guaranteed to be 100% pure and natural - no oil is adulterated or diluted, and each one is exclusive and distinct. When choosing from our wide selection of 109 pure essential oils, including 22 organic essential oils, you will find oils suitable for use in aromatherapy, cosmetic preparation and potpourris. You will find the best selection of body oils including the ever popular lavender essential oils that can be used for therapeutic and relaxing massage oils. Once you purchase our essential oils, you can be assured of their purity and quality immediately upon application.

lemon essential oil organic

Lemon Essential Oil Organic (Italy) Light, fresh, citrus scent, and nice for blending, Lemon Essential Oil has a number of important properties, such as the ability to stimulate the immune system and to increase the production of white corpuscles. Great for use in your diffuser, the bath, massage, as a food flavorant, in lotion, and as a mouthwash.

lemon essential oil

Lemon Essential Oil, ORGANIC (Italy) Lemon is indigenous to Southeast Asia, but in the second century was introduced to Greece, then Italy, where it quickly adapted to the Mediterranean climate. is now widely cultivated in Italy, Australia, and California. Christopher Columbus introduced the citrus to the New World in the late 1400s. the oil is popular in cleaning agents and colognes and is widely used in aromatherapy.

Organic Lemon essential oil works well on oily skin and general impurities. It's astringent properties reduce cellulite, obesity and tightens sagging, lackluster skin. It helps with acne, mouth ulcers, varicose veins, arthritis, muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, joint swelling, poor circulation, throat and respiratory ailments, and gout. Lemon essential oil also boosts the immune system by clearing lymphatic congestion, preventing contagious illnesses. The scent of lemon essential oil was shown to be anxiolytic, meaning it works to reduce anxiety and uplift mood. Studies have also shown lemon essential oil to be conducive to memory retention and focus.

Organic Lemon essential oil antirheumatic, antioxidant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitoxic, astringent, bactericidal, diaphoretic, diuretic, febrifuge, hypotensive, antifungal, insecticide, tonic, immune stimulant, antiviral, and anxiolytic.

Organic Lemon essential oil is a rare and treasured addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.


Rosemary Essential Oil Organic (Tunisia) A strong, fresh, minty, herbaceous fragrance with a hint of woody-balsamic, Rosemary Essential Oil is ideal for blending. It soothes nervous exhaustion and is an energy booster that supports against hair loss associated with aging. It's often used in shampoos to promote a healthy shine to the hair. Uses include massage, bath, lotion, shampoo, in a diffuser, and flavoring.

Rosemary Spain Essential Oil

Rosemary Spain Essential Oil, ORGANIC Rosemary essential oil stimulates the growth of hair follicles and helps to combat dandruff. It also acts as a vulnerary, helping to speed recovery from wounds and assists with skin ailments such as acne and eczema. It also helps with hypotension, physical fatigue, asthma, bronchitis, painful menstruation, arthritis, gout, headache, muscular soreness, bruising, cramps, weakness of limbs, skin toner, oily hair,, hair loss, premature greying, blemishes, insect repellant, varicose veins, tonsillitis, sinusitis, colds, flu, and swelling. HBNO organic rosemary essential oil is therapeutic addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.

cedarwood atlas essential oil

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil (Morocco) This oil has a rich aromatic scent that is particularly pleasing in skin formulations. In addition, the respiratory effects of Cedarwood are remarkable and it is also an excellent insect repellent.

cedarwood atlas essential oil

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil (Morocco) Cedarwood Atlas is native to Morocco. Cedarwood oil was used by the Egyptians to embalm the deceased, added into perfumes and cosmetics alike. It has a purifying and calming aspect to it which is why the Tibetans use it in incense and temples.

Atlas Cedarwood essential oil assists with skin infections, tightens pores, fights acne, removes blemishes, helps with oily skin, dandruff, hair loss, bronchitis, coughs, catarrh, insect repellent, fungus, cellulite, arthritis, acts as an immune stimulant, and purifies the air. It also reduces anxiety and promotes meditative states.

Atlas Cedarwood essential oil is antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, fungicidal, sedative, insecticide, and a tonic.

cypress essential oil

Cypress Essential Oil (Spain) Cypress Essential Oil has a woody, slightly spicy, and refreshing fragrance. It is known for being an astringent, antiseptic, deodorant, respiratory tonic, and relaxant. Dandruff may benefit from cypress oil, which gently cleanses the scalp without drying it out. It also has anti-spasmodic qualities and can aid with respiratory problems and coughing. Perfect for massage oils, lotions and creams, a cold compress, and foot baths.

peppermint organic essential oil

Peppermint Essential Oil Organic (USA) Peppermint Essential Oil has a penetrating, cool, grassy-mint odor and nice in blends. It supports the respiratory, immune, and musculoskeletal systems. The cooling effects and anti-spasmodic properties make it a common choice for female complaints. This essential oil vitalizes, uplifts, cools, and refreshes. Great for use in a diffuser, massage, bath, and as a food flavoring.

granium essential oil

Geranium Essential Oil Organic possesses a sweet scent that favors a rose aroma, with a hint of mint. The sweet aroma aids the body in achieving an over-all feeling of peace and health, enhancing skin tone, reacting to sickness, and encourages feelings of emotional security and hormonal balance. Uses include: fragrance/deodorant, diffuser, massage oil, lotion, shampoo, and bath.

bergamot essential oil organic

Bergamot Essential Oil (Italy) Bergaptene free. Has a fresh,  sweet fruit, slightly balsamic, floral scent that is good for blending. Known as a digestive aid and also helps oily, blemished skin. Bergamot Essential Oils is uplifting and soothing. Great for use as a perfume or fragrance, in a diffuser, for baths, massages, and blends.


Neroli Essential Oil (Morocco) Very relaxing, helping to aid feelings of anxiety and apathy. Due to its calming effect may be beneficial to sexual problems. May aid symptoms of irritability and tearfulness.

Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil

Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil (Egypt) Called the "king of flower oils" has always had a reputation as an aphrodisiac. It is antiseptic, emollient and sedative and has been known to calm the nerves. Helps to relieve spasms of the bronchi and calm irritating coughs.

ylang-ylang essential oil

Ylang Ylang 3rd Essential Oil  Organic (Comoro Islands) Ylang Ylang 3rd Essential Oil is narcotically sweet and floral, having a slightly spicy and exotic scent. It is a good blend ingredient. This essential oil both relaxes and arouses; in Europe, therapists use it for sexual dysfunction. It is an antiseptic, aphrodisiac, and sedative, and can very well ease feelings of anger, anxiety, shock, panic and fear. Perfect for use in perfumes, your diffuser, baths, and massage.

patchouli essential oil

Patchouli Essential Oil (Indonesia) has a long lasting, sweet, rich, spicy, musty, woody fragrance and is ideal for blending. Due to its strong astringent and cicatrizant properties, it may be helpful for loose skin, especially after dieting. Its diuretic properties are useful in cases of water retention. Patchouli Essential Oil is euphoric, uplifting, soothing, and exotic. Wonderful in perfume, incense, massage, bath, diffuser, and as an insect repellant.

grapefruit essential oil organic

Grapefruit Essential Oil (USA) With a sweet, sharp, pressed refreshing citrus scent, Grapefruit Essential Oil is very nice for blending. It has an overall uplifting and reviving effect, making it useful for fatigue. It balances the central nervous system and helps relieve nervous exhaustion and performance stress, and it was also recently studied as an appetite-inhibitor. Grapefruit Essential Oil is stimulating, refreshing, and cheering. Use as a food flavorant, in perfumes, in a diffuser, blended in lotion, and for massage.

pink grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil (USA) Grapefruit is a hybrid between the sweet orange and an Indonesian pomelo. The essential oil is produced by cold pressing the rind to produce an oil that is an aromatic replica of the actual fruit.

Grapefruit essential oil is considered a powerful antioxidant, helping to scavenge free radicals. The astringent properties assist in reducing obesity, cellulite, and tightening pores on the face, resulting in a more youthful complexion. The inherent disinfectant properties make grapefruit oil suitable for oily and acne prone skin. It also acts as lymphatic tonic, cleansing and boosting its function, thus improving the immune system. It is considered a stimulant that increases mental agility and memory.

Wonderful to diffuse throughout the air for a fresh and invigorating aroma.

Pink grapefruit essential oil is a fresh addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.

lemongrass essential oil organic

Lemongrass Essential Oil (India) has a fresh, grassy-citrus, earthy scent. Lemongrass has been shown in scientific trials that it is a powerful antiseptic and anti-bacterial agent. It is also known to be a strong deodorant.Lemongrass Essential Oil is uplifting and vitalizing. Great for use with a diffuser, as a room fragrance, in perfume and soap, and as food flavoring.

lime essential oil

Lime Peel Essential Oil (Mexico) Very stimulating in cases of apathy and anxiety. May aid with bronchial complaints. Encourages appetite and has disinfecting and restorative properties.

lime essential oil

Lime Essential Oil (Cold Pressed)(Mexico) Lime is autochthonous to Southern Asia and is cultivated in the West Indies, the U.S., and Central America. It shares many of the same characteristics as lemon. It is useful in cleaning applications, skin preparations, and diffused throughout the air. Lime essential oil assists with oily skin, acne, detoxifying, tightening pores, fights bacteria, calms muscle spasms, cleanses wounds, and purifies air. Its scent is sharp and invigorating.

Lime essential oil is anti-anemic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti rheumatic, anti-sclerotic, antiscorbutic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitoxic, antiviral, astringent, bactericidal, carminative, cicatrizant, depurative, diaphoretic, diuretic, febrifuge, and hemostatic.

Lime essential oil is an excellent addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.

sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil (Indonesia) Scent Characteristics: Deep, soft, spicy, woodsy balsamic scent very nice in blends.

benzoin absolute essential oil

Benzoin Absolute Essential Oil (Indonesia) has a warming, vanilla scent that is somewhat syrup-like in viscosity. It blends well with other resinous oils, such as frankincense and myrrh, and with sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, and patchouli, as well as with citrus essential oils. It has long been used in incense and as a preservative in cosmetics. It aids with dry skin and oily facial skin. It is relaxing, calming, and grounding. Its thicker viscosity makes it ideal for use with a candle diffuser. Perfect for the bath, massage oil blends, and creams.

lemon verbena leaf

Lemon Verbena Leaf has similar uses to mint and orange flowers. Like those natural herbs, Lemon Verbena is commonly used in many different culinary dishes. natural and organic Lemon Verbena Leaf in cut and sifted and whole form. We source our Lemon Verbena Leaf from the best growers in Turkey and Morocco

verbena oil

Verbena Essential Oil has similar uses to mint and orange flowers. The addition of lemongrass, cypress, neroli and verbena oils gives the perfume a mild spicy, slightly woodsy scent.

vetiver essencial oil

Vetiver Essential Oil (France)  This essential oil has a wonderful effect on the mind and body and is useful to dispel irritability, anger and hysteria, while having a balancing effect on the hormonal system and is a great boon for the skin. Scent Characteristics: Deep, smoky, earth, woody with a sweet persistent undertone.

peru-balsam essential oil

Peru-balsam Essential Oil 100% Pure & Natural, Therapeutic Grade, Non-GMO, Purity Tested/Quality Guaranteed, Anti inflammatory. Peru-balsam oil conditions fine hair and makes it easier to comb. Peru balsam essential oil is a wonderful addition for cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, and aromatherapy. Peru Balsam essential oil is a lovely aroma with a semi-viscous consistency that is commonly used in perfumery to simulate sensuous vanilla aromas. Highly recommended and an HBNO favorite. Steam distilled and wildcrafted. The botanical name is Myroxylon balsamum. Product of France.

bay leaf essential oil

Bay Leaf Essential Oil (USA) (Pimenta racemosa) Bay Leaf Essential Oil has a fruity, spicy, fresh scent. It is an antiseptic oil and helps to nourish the hair and scalp. Good for use in a diffuser, in a massage oil, and in the bath.

bay laurel essential oil

Bay Leaf Essential Oil (Austria) (Laurus nobilis) Laurel leaf essential oil helps to reduce pain in muscles and joints. It also helps with scalp and hair issues and assists with blood circulation. It is a very powerful oil with strong antiseptic qualities, making it particularly effective at cleansing wounds and purifying the air. Laurel leaf is a stimulant to the lymph, sinuses, lungs, and circulatory systems. It is also reputed to improve memory.

eucalyptus globulus

Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil (Brazil) Its aromatic influences may help promote feelings of health and well-being. Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil is known for being cooling, invigorating, balancing and purifying. Perfect for the diffuser, steam inhalation, chest-rub, body spray, bath, and massage oil.

eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus Globulus (China) Eucalyptus essential oil is considered exceptionally antiviral and antibacterial, making it suitable for practically all applications. An HBNO favorite Eucalyptus essential oil is an excellent addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, insect repellent, perfumery, and aromatherapy. It is a must-have essential oil for every medicine cabinet. Prized for its lung expanding and anti congestion ability, eucalyptus essential oil is commonly added to steam rooms and saunas to clear the lungs. Eucalyptus is a traditional medicine of the Australian and Tasmanian natives as they prized the leaves for its vulnerary effects, the reduction of fever, and its anti-infectious properties. The burning of eucalyptus leaves was one of the earliest forms of fumigation, a technique the aborigines would employ to ward off insects.

tea tree essential oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil, Organic (Australia) Tea Tree Essential Oil has a spicy, camphorous, warm, fresh fragrance that is slightly medicinal. It contains antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. It is known to be an immune system stimulant and is uplifting, purifying, and cleansing. Use in a diffuser, during facials, in a compress, in lotion, during massage, and in baths.

tea tree essential oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil ORGANIC (Australia) Organic Tea tree is popular essential oil that traces its origin to the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. For over a a millennium the leaves have been applied as a disinfectant and antifungal agent. The plant's medicinal properties remained a secret to the world until the 1920's when Australia chemist, Dr. Arthur Penfold, began investigating its antiseptic properties. During World War II the Australian government made tea tree oil part of first aid kits. Organic Tea tree essential oil has powerful anti inflammatory and disinfectant compounds which treat insect bites, blemishes, burns, skin ailments, infected wounds, bruises, lice, and dandruff. It is considered antiviral as well. Organic Tea tree essential oil is a quintessential addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, and candles.

lavender essential oil

Lavender Essential Oil Organic (Hungary) Lavender Essential Oil is known for its penetrating, herbaceous, sweet, floral, clean fragrance that blends very well. A versatile oil, it's excellent oil for burns, muscular problems, anxiety, and sleep disorders. It's often used on insect bites or other skin irritations, and is known to be mild on the skin. Perfect for use in the bath, massage, your diffuser, skin/hair care, inhalation, lotions, perfumes, and flower water.

lavender essential oil

Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil Lavender 40/42 is a wonderfully fragrant essential oil. It has a characteristic lavender scent but has the least therapeutic content. This lavender oil is standardized and is ideal for fragrance formulations. Lavender oil is the go-to essential oil and one of the most popular essential oils in the world. Our lavender 40/42 essential oil is a welcome addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, and candles

witch hazel extract

witch-hazel extract Witch-hazel extract to inhibit sweating: Witch-hazel extract is derived from the plant's bark, twigs and leaves. It inhibits inflammation, absorbs oil and is mildly astringent. With regular use it constricts skin pores and thus reduces excessive sweat formation. Organic Witch Hazel Extract is a potent astringent, helping to tone skin and minimize appearance of pores. It is useful in fighting acne and speeding the recovery of other skin ailments. High in tannic acids, it is soothing to minor skin irritations and inflammation.

zinc-oxide powder

Zinc-oxide Powder Zinc-oxide powder is obtained from the mineral zincite. The powder has a slightly greasy consistency and will make your homemade deodorant appear milky. It has excellent properties for neutralizing body odor, will not irritate the skin and is slightly antiseptic and astringent. Since it is not completely water soluble, the powder tends to separate from liquids over time. Make sure to shake the deodorant before use.

baking soda aluminium free

Baking Soda-Aluminum-Free Dealing with Foot Odor: Dust your feet with a mixture of 1/2 cup of baking soda, 2 tbsp. of zinc oxide powder, 2 tbsp. of fine, dry white clay and 4 tbsp. of powdered sage. Sprinkle a bit inside your shoes as well, to keep your feet fresh all day.

calendula flower extract

Calendula Flower Extract Organic Calendula Flower (Calendula officinalis), water & organic alcohol. 1:1 herb strength - 8 lbs of dried herb used to make 1 gal of extract w/ 30% alcohol.

aloe vera juice

Aloe Vera Juice Aloe Vera Juice is derived from the Aloe barbadensis plant, containing over 200 active components including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids, and is also one of the few plants that contains vitamin B12. Aloe Vera plants are selected for harvesting by age and according to the drop of the leaves, indicating the maturity of the leaves, in order to keep all the active ingredients in full concentration. The leaves are inspected, and only the highest quality leaves are accepted and used. The leaves are then cleaned, rinsed, and filleted to separate the gel from the skin. The aloin is removed to begin the process of decolorizing the Aloe Vera. The gel is also inspected for skin cuttings, which are removed. The Aloe Vera is then filtered to remove pulp and any foreign matter, and deodorized by filtering the Aloe Vera through an activated charcoal system. Lastly, the Aloe Vera is tested for pH and temperature accuracy, to ensure a high quality product. Aloe Vera has both internal and external applications, including beverages, food, dietary supplement formulations, personal care, and cosmetic products.

patchouli dark essential oil

Patchouli (Dark) Essential Oil Patchouli essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils. Dark patchouli is aged in cast iron while light patchouli in stainless steel.. As the essential oil ages, the nascent yellow color morphs into a slightly viscous brown color and develops its characteristic patchouli aroma. Patchouli essential oil is rare in that it is applied in all three world medicinal systems, Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Greek. Patchouli essential oil is wonderful for skin ailments as well as hair deficiencies. By stimulating cellular regeneration patchouli oil reduces inflammation and increases healthy looking skin. It is also reputed to be an aphrodisiac. Patchouli essential oil is a aroamtic addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.

clary-sage essential oil

Clary Sage Essential Oil (France) This sweet, nutty, slightly musky scented essential oil is ideal for blending. Clary Sage Essential Oil is a powerful relaxant, promoting a calm mind and body due to its euphoric, relaxing, and regulating properties. Great for use in massages, baths, diffusers, and lotions.

clary-sage wildcrafted

Clary Sage Essential Oil Wildcrafted (Austria) Clary sage is a perennial herb native to the northern Mediterranean. Clary sage has been mentioned in medicinal literature dating back to the first century. Clary sage essential oil is widely used in perfumery, flavorings of various vermouths and muscatel wines, in addition to aromatherapy. Clary sage essential oil is considered to have an affinity with women. It has demonstrated the ability to relieve anxiety and stress, assist with cases of insomnia, and help with women's menstrual issue and estrogen balance. The essential oil is very effective at invigorating hair growth and the improving scalp health. The skin also benefits from the use of clary sage essential oil as it contains an ester named linalyl acetate which fights inflammation and heals the skin. Clary sage essential oil is an excellent addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, hair care, and aromatherapy.

spearmint essential oil organic india

Spearmint Essential Oil Organic (India): Spearmint is very similar to Peppermint, but with far less menthol (Peppermint: 28% - 46%, Spearmint: .5%). This makes Spearmint a better choice for children or the infirm.

Spearmint Essential Oil (India)

Spearmint Essential Oil (India): Spearmint is native to the Mediterranean. The Romans brought spearmint to Britain, and English colonists brought spearmint in their travels to the Americas. Mint teas were a popular drink during the time of the American Revolution because they were not taxed by the English and spearmint was an important cash crop in Connecticut at the time of the Revolution. Spearmint essential oil reduces pain, fights infections, reduces inflammation, cleanses, soothes sore muscles, tightens pores and skin, and alleviates headaches and fever. In 2001, Japanese researchers reported spearmint essential oil displayed significant bactericidal activity against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Helicobacter pylori. Spearmint essential oil is analgesic, anesthetic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, cephalic, cholagogue, decongestant, digestive, diuretic, expectorant, febrifuge, hepatic, nervine, stimulant, stomachic, and tonic. Spearmint essential oil is wonderfully fragrant addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, and candles.

Myrrh Essential Oil (Somalia)

Myrrh Essential Oil (Somalia) Myrrh Essential Oil has a warm, sweet, balsamic, slightly spicy medicinal scent. It seems to lift feelings of weakness, apathy, and lack of incentive, and also has a cooling effect on heated emotions. It assists with mouth and gum disorders, and invigorates the immune system. Myrrh Essential Oil is balancing and meditative. Use in a compress, lotion, for massage, and with a diffuser.

Myrrh Essential Oil HBNO (Somalia)

Myrrh Essential Oil HBNO (Somalia) Myrrh essential oil is derived from the fragrant resin of the tree in the commiphora family. It has a long history with civilization dating to biblical days - the three wise men gifted myrrh to baby Jesus. It has long been used aromatically and medicinally in a myriad of cultures ranging from China, India, the Middle East, and Africa. Myrrh essential oil has a dark hue with a subtle rich deep scent. The oil is dark in color. Myrrh, when diluted, is great for the skin. It imparts a lustrous glow and serves to tighten the pores.It is reputed to increase collagen production of the skin and create a supple tone. It is also is effective at reducing pain associated with arthritic joints. Its rich scent serves to sedate and calm, a very centering oil. Myrrh essential oil is an exotic and delightful addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, incense, perfumery, and aromatherapy.

Rose Absolute Essential Oil

Rose Absolute Essential Oil (Rosa centifolia) (Morocco) One of the best all-purpose oils to have around. Known for looking after your heart and digestive system while being the most wonderful remedy for female problems and one of the best oils to use on the skin.

Rose Absolute Bourboniana (India)

Rose Absolute Bourboniana (India) Rose absolute is one of the most coveted and expensive absolutes on the face of the Earth. It possesses an aphrodisiac olfactory quality that is unmistakable and sublime. Rose petals are harvested by hand prior to sunrise to capture its purest essence. It takes between 5,000 and 10,000 pounds of rose petals to produce 1 pound of rose essential oil. Rose has been referred to as the "flower of Prophet Mohammed" and its water is symbol of love and purity used in meditation and prayer. In ancient medicine rose was used for strengthening the heart, treating menstrual bleeding, digestive problems, and in the reduction of inflammation. Recent studies have demonstrated rose has anti-HIV properties, antioxidant capability, antitussive (cough suppressant), and is used for relaxation and to calm spasms. It has been reported that rose possesses sedative and hypnotic effects With its mild antiviral and antibacterial properties, rose essential oil assists with nausea, headaches, broken capillaries, irregular menstruation, aging mature skin, is balancing and rejuvenating to the skin, eczema, palpitations, and mouth infections. It is very effective as an antidepressant, helps with impotence, nervous tension, and is a powerful aphrodisiac. Rose bourboniana absolute is antidepressant, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, astringent, emmenagogue, hemostatic, sedative, tonic, antiviral. Rose bourboniana absolute is a exotic and sensual addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, and candles.

lemon balm leaves

Lemon Balm Leaf Organic (Bulgaria) Lemon balm for relaxation: A lemon-balm (Melissa officinalis) bath is a perfect way to end your day. Its tart, lemony scent helps revive spirits, lifting depression. Starwest is happy to bring you the highest quality Melissa officinalis, which is commonly called Lemon Balm Leaf, Sweet Balm, Balm mint, bee balm and blue balm, as part of our extensive selection of bulk herbs for sale. Lemon Balm Leaf has many beneficial qualities and properties, including: anodyne, antibacterial, antihistamine, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, calmative, carminative, digestive, emmenagogue, lactogogue, nervine, sedative, stomachic, sudorific.

thyme leaves

Thyme Leaves Organic (Spain). Thyme is probably in every kitchen because it is used in so many great recipes. But did you know that you can use thyme to stop coughing. Thyme leaves helped to alleviate coughing and other symptoms of acute bronchitis. Next time you'e faced with a cough or sore throat, try drinking some thyme tea. Starwest Botanicals Thyme Herbs come from supplier in Spain, and after arrival, they are processed in - house by us in order to guarantee quality at every step of milling and packaging.

cheese cloth

Cheese Cloth A coarse, loosely woven cotton gauze that has a multitude of culinary uses including straining liquids, forming a packet for herbs and spices or teas, that can be dropped into a soup, stock pot tea kettle or herbal bath.

blue chamomile essential oil

Blue Chamomile Essential Oil (Hungary) (Matricaria recutica) Blue Chamomile Essential Oil possesses a sweet fragrance reminiscent of straw. It is anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and antiseptic, and great for skin care. Great for use in a hot compress, cream, oil blend, massage, and baths. Its calming effects make it wonderful during vapor therapy. German chamomile oil is broadly used in the cosmetic industry, especially in formulations designed to improve dry, inflamed, or irritated skin. It is also added in shampoos and conditioners.

neroli essential oil

Neroli Essential Oil (Egypt) Neroli has a divine soft floral fragrance that is steam distilled from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. It was not discovered until the 16th century and is named after Anna Maria de la Tremoille, Princess of Neroli in Italy. Neroli was valued for its therapeutic properties by the people of Venice, who used it to combat the plague and fever, and drank it as a tea to help overcome nervous afflictions. The flower water became popular in the 18th century and it still remains popular to this day. Neroli essential oil helps dry, mature skin revivify by stimulating cell regeneration. It is also effective for deodorant, heachache, neuralgia, scarring, stretch marks, sunburned skin, poor circulation, palpitations, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. Its psychological effect is profound, as it is one the best aromatic antidepressants and helps cope with anxiety and stress. Neroli essential oil is antiseptic, antidepressant, antispasmodic, deodorant, sedative, tonic, hypnotic, restorative, aphrodisiac. Neroli essential oil is welcome addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, and aromatherapy.

juniper berry essential oil

Juniper Berry Essential Oil (Bulgaria) Juniper Berry Essential Oil has a piney, peppery, balsamic-like aroma. It has antiseptic, antifungal, detoxifying, astringent, and antirheumatic properties. It is known as a diuretic and commonly used for skin complaints. In aromatherapy, it has a calming effect. Great for use in a diffuser, room spray, bath, massage blend, cream, and a compress.

Juniper berry essential oil

Juniper Berry Essential Oil (Austria) For cosmetic purposes juniper berry essential oil aids in the treatment of certain skin ailments such as eczema and acne. Wounds slow to heal, cellulite, varicose veins, and poor elimination of toxins from the skin are all improved with the use of juniper berry essential oil.

It also works well on oily skin, greasy hair, and dandruff. The analgesic properties greatly reduce muscular pains and aches, arthritis, strains, stiffness, sprains, spasms, and shin splints.

Its cleansing properties are well known and has been used throughout history as an antiseptic and purifying agent. The stimulating scent and effect of juniper helps to surmount mental exhaustion and stress, clearing the mind of obscurity.

Juniper berry essential oil is astringent, circulatory stimulant, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, diuretic, anti-toxic, nervine, anti viral, anti-infectious, anti arthritic, detoxifier, tonic, and antirheumatic.

Juniper berry essential oil is a therapeutic and fresh addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.

bitter orange essential oil

Orange Bitter Essential (Brazil) Fresh, dry, almost floral with a rich sweet undertone. Bitter orange oil is used as light scent oil. It gives a refreshing top note and also provide the perfume with its delicate, invigorating scent.

orange sweet essential oil

Orange Sweet Essential Oil possesses a sweet, fresh, fruity, rich scent and is ideal for blends. The oil is relaxing, reduces nervous tension, is uplifting, and soothing. Use in a diffuser, massage, bath, perfume, flower water, and as a food flavoring.

sweet orange essential oil

Orange Essential Oil, ORGANIC (USA) Organic orange essential oil is a wonderfully fragrant oil. It has demonstrated significant antibacterial capacity which makes it appropriate for natural disinfectants.

Organic Orange oil also clears the lymphatic system, improving immune function. The oil is also reputed to rid termites without the use of harmful chemicals. Organic Orange oil is suitable for practically all applications and is a sure bet with it's invigorating and unmistakable aroma.

 Organic Orange essential oil is a delightful addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.

rosehip seed oil

Rosehip Seed Oil High quality Organic Rosehip Seed Oil is cold pressed from the organic seeds of the Rosehip (Rosa canina), thus retaining all of its important nutrients. This unique oil is is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. With skin rejuvenating properties like vitamin C and lycopene, Organic Rosehip Seed oil may help to repair the skin's surface, restore elasticity, and help protect against sun and pollution stressors. Therefore, it is the ideal ingredient for facial moisturizers and body lotions.

rosehip seed oil

Rosehip Seed Oil (Ukraine) Rosehip seed oil towers over all other oils as the queen of skin care oils. The seeds are replete with Vitamin A, marked by the dark orange/red hue. Rosehip oil greatly diminishes stretch marks and helps ot remove wrinkles from previously damaged skin. It combats inflammation and reduces the visiblity of scars and blemishes. With regular use it will increase collagen levels, allowing for greater elasticity. It is a non-greasy oil which absorbs easily. HBNO recommends placing this oil on at night -- you will wake up glowing like a Queen (or King)! But be careful as the oil will stain due to its nutrient dense composition. Our rosehip oil is a dark, reddish orange -- proof of its virgin state. Rosehip oil is a exotic and therapeutic addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, skin, and hair care.

vitamin e oil

Vitamin E Oil The health benefits of vitamin E come from its antioxidant properties which remove free radicals - the unstable compounds that damage cell structures. Its antioxidant properties further fight off damaging effects of free radicals. For this reason, vitamin E is used as a key ingredient in face lotions and anti-wrinkle creams. Vitamin E Oil is very versatile, and is also used in body and hair care products, providing the necessary protection and moisture needed.

calendula oil organic

Calendula Oil Organic Organic Calendula Flowers extracted and concentrated into certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Organic Calendula Flowers are infused into cold-pressed Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, making this gentle, soothing herbal tonic. Due to its therapeutic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties, and is an excellent remedy for a variety of skin conditions. Calendula Oil makes an excellent base for facial creams, salves, and many other natural skin care products. It is a gentle, cooling oil, and is often used in body lotions creams to soothe dry and damaged skin.

calendula infused oil

Calendula Infused Oil (India) Calendula oil is a very gentle and soothing oil which is considered to aid skin blemishes, heal wounds and bruises, and improve facial complexion. It is very mild even for those with sensitive skin. Our calendula oil is created by beginning with high quality olive and apricot oil and infusing calendula flowers within to exract the soluble vitamins, minerals, and therapeutic benefits. It is then gently strained and bottled. A wonderfully soothing oil for skin types of all kinds.

carrot seed oil

Carrot Seed Essential Oil (India) On its own, Carrot Seed is not a pleasant smelling oil, but you will find it in almost every skin care formula to promote healthy, smoother, and firmer skin.

carrot seed oil

Carrot Seed Oil (Austria) Carrot seed essential oil has taken the mantle as queen of beauty essential oils. It has a natural SPF of 40 which naturally protects your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. Combine this with coconut or avocado oil (also SPF) and you have a natural sunscreen, devoid of any harmful chemicals most sunscreens contain. Carrot seed oil is a very potent antioxidant rich in carotenoids and vitamin A. It has a reputation for decreasing visible signs of aging and wrinkles with due to carrot seeds ability to stimulate skin cell proliferation. Carrot seed oil is considered a powerful detoxifier and purifier of the liver as well. Carrot seed oil is quite strong and should be diluted heavily in a carrier oil (avocado, rosehip, etc) prior to application. Carrot seed essential oil is wonderful to incorporate in beauty applications, personal care formulas, soaps, perfumes, and aromatherapy. A HBNO favorite.

lavender flower oil

Lavender Essential Oil Organic (Bulgaria)Lavender Essential Oil is known for its penetrating, herbaceous, sweet, floral, clean fragrance that blends very well. A versatile oil, it's excellent oil for burns, muscular problems, anxiety, and sleep disorders. It's often used on insect bites or other skin irritations, and is known to be mild on the skin. Perfect for use in the bath, massage, your diffuser, skin/hair care, inhalation, lotions, perfumes, and flower water. Scent Characteristics: Penetrating, herbaceous, sweet, floral, clean fragrance that blends exceptionally well.

Chamomile (Wild) Essential Oil (Morocco)

Chamomile (Wild) Essential Oil (Morocco) Our wild chamomile is wildcrafted in the foothills of Morocco. Chamomile has been used for over 2,000 years. Ancient monks planted this species of chamomile on "raised beds" that were created in gardens to lay invalids upon and relieve depression. Edward III used chamomile to scent his clothes and linen, while Elizabethans used the herb strewn out to rid areas of foul smells. It has a profoundly calming effect on the nervous system.

Wild chamomile essential oil helps to alleviate depression and anxiety with its unique sweet apple like aroma. It is also a powerful anti inflammatory agent, relieving a host of issues including : Asthma, allergies, headache, migraine, boils, acne, dermatitis, arthritis, bursitis, sprains, neuralgia, burns, blisters, wounds ulcers, broken capillaries, herpes, psoriasis, gastritis, gastritis, toothache, menopause, and chronic infections.

Wild chamomile essential oil is analgesic, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-neuralgic, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, anti parasitic, anti spasmodic, anti-allergic, carminative, emmenagogue, febrifuge, sedative, tonic, and antioxidant.

Wild chamomile essential oil is a unique addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, insect repellents, and aromatherapy.

St. John's Wort Extract

St. Johns Wort Extract Organic Skin Treatment: If you use St. John's Wort in topical application in the form of a salve or tincture, it can speed the healing process of burns, bruises, and scrape by stimulating circulation of oxygenated blood to those skin cells so that repairs can begin.

ginger essential oil

Ginger Essential Oil Organic Ginger balances the digestive tract and stimulates the secretion of digestive juices. Excellent in a flu formula.

ginger essential oil

Ginger Essential Oil (China) Ginger essential oil is considered a powerful nerve tonic, good for exhaustion and mental fatigue, and best used in combination with other oils. It is also aids with congestion, colds, coughs, bronchitis, excess fluids, swelling, spasms, fever, headaches, arthritis, sprains, bruises, soreness, poor circulation, varicose veins, raised body temperature, toothache, and is a renown for its ability to combat nausea. Its analgesic properties help with reducing pain from muscular aches, arthritis, sprains, rheumatism, joint, pain and stiffness. It has also been used since antiquity as an aphrodisiac, improving libido and impotence. Chinese medicine has employed fresh and dried ginger for the treatment of fevers, coughs, and nausea. Ginger spread to Europe in the Middle Ages and is said to been used to combat the Black Death due to its ability to make a person perspire. Ginger essential oil is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-allergic, carminative, febrifuge, stimulant , tonic, expectorant, and antioxidant. Ginger essential oil is an exotic addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy. Highly recommended.

echinacea tincture

Echinacea tincture (Echinacea Glycerite) Echinacea for inflamed skin: Echinacea has antibacterial properties and restores inflamed connective tissue. Note: The alcohol in echinacea tincture evaporates when it is heated, leaving behind the herb's potent healing properties.

helichrysum oil

Helichrysum Essential Oil Organic (Croatia) It has been known to assist in promoting overall good health and for enhancing proper skin, respiratory, muscle and joint function. It is an excellent detoxifier and supports healthy skin. Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Highly concentrated, dilute properly before use. Keep away from eyes & mucous membranes. Not for internal use.


Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil (France) Wildcrafted Helichrysum is a highly aromatic herb that has the capacity to grow in the most inclement of soil, hence its nickname "everlast". It is native to the Mediterranean and North Africa and is widely cultivated in Spain, Italy, and Yugoslavia. It has been praised in aromatherapy most notably for bruises and wound healing. Extracts are also added to sunscreen to protect the skin from ultraviolet sunrays.

Helichrysum assists with circulatory ailments such as varicose veins, bruises, and broken capillaries. It is also a wonderful skin tonic as it stimulates the production of new skin cells, vivifying the skin with an influx of healing cells and helping with acne, dermatitis, eczema, stretch marks, herpes, scar tissue, mature skin, and burns. The astringent properties constrict and help to reverse sagging skin. It also soothes and calms muscle spasms and aches, relieving pain associated with stiff joints and rheumatism related ailments.

Lastly, the oil is is prized for relieving chronic coughs, bronchitis, sinus infections, excess mucous, and the common cold. Helichrysum essential oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, mucolytic, vulnerary, antioxidant, antispasmodic, astringent, cholagogue, cicatrizant, diuretic, expectorant, hepatic, nervine, stimulant, and a skin tonic.

Helichrysum essential oil is an therapeutic and exotic addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.

benzoin essential oil

Styrax Benzoin Absolute Native to Indonesia, Styrax Benzoin is a tree that produces a resin discharged from punctured bark. It is reminiscent of vanilla with cream and honey undertones. It is commonly used as a fixative because of the longevity of the scent. The oil is dark in color with a viscous consistency.

Styrax benzoin oil is commonly used in incense production as the scent is very centering. For cosmetic applications benzoin absolute is applied to reduce signs of aging. It promotes elasticity, reducing wrinkles and constricting cellulite. It also improves circulation and assists with respiratory ailments, easing breath -- especially beneficial when applied on the chest. The olfactory quality of benzoin promotes tranquility and reducing stress. There is a sensual undertone to the scent which is why it is considered an aphrodisiac as well as an antidepressant.

A very pleasing scent with unique consistency. Highly recommended. Styrax benzoin oil is wonderful to incorporate in cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfume, and aromatherapy.

frankincense essential oil

Frankincense Essential Oil (India) Frankincense Essential Oil has an incredibly rich, spicy, woody scent. This oil is commonly used for pulmonary, urinary, and female reproductive complaints. It has also traditionally been used in religious ceremonies to aid meditation as it is calming and clarifying. Great for use in a compress, lotions, massage oil, baths, fragrances, and a diffuser.

frankincense essential oil

Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil (India) Wildcrafted Frankincense has been used since antiquity with references of the treasured resin bestowed to Jesus by the three wisemen. It is grown primarily in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and India. We offer the Indian variety, Boswellia Serrata. It has a thinner consistency and spicier scent than it's sister varieties (carteri, frereana, etc). It is considered an extremely therapeutic oil.

Frankincense essential oil is renown for its ability to decrease visible signs of aging by acting as an astringent (tightening the skin and promoting a supple youthful appearance) and promoting cellular regeneration. It's strongly anti inflammatory and antiseptic, making this essential oil a must have.

Frankincense essential oil has demonstrated the ability to strengthen the immune system by producing surplus T-Lymphocytes (White bloods cells) and stimulating the lymphatic system. Various studies have shown frankincense essential oil to be effect at reducing the rate of tumor growth.

FFrankincense essential oil is an excellent addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.

Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil - 100% Pure Pelargonium Roseum x Asperum Rose geranium essential oil comes from a specific cultivar of Pelargonium plants that has a distinct rose-like aroma. It's also known as Bourbon oil, based on the old name for Reunion island, which was previously the main growing region for this variety of geranium.
Properties: Anti-Inflammatory, Antiseptic, Astringent, Antibacterial, Diuretic
The rose geranium oil is more high in terpene alcohol, which inhibits the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria. This potent Geranium essential oil is immune-building, skin healing, emotionally and metabolically balancing and comforting. The oil speeds healing, relieves pain and stress, stimulates the liver, pancreas, adrenal cortex; supports diabetics.

Myrtle essential oil For Acne-Prone skin: This oil is known for its drying and expectorant properties. myrtle essential oil

thyme essential oil

Thyme Essential Oil Serpyllum L Europe(Austria): Thyme is an evergreen shrub of the Labiatae (mint) family, native to Southern Europe and western Mediterranean. The Egyptians used thyme in preparations for embalming the dead. The herb was burned in hospitals to help stop the spread of disease. Thyme essential oil was also used on surgical dressings and in times of war, as recently as World War I, to treat battle wounds.

Thyme essential oil contains the crystalline phenol 'thymol,' a powerful and proven antibiotic and disinfectant that enhances the immune system and fights infection. Thyme also effectively reduces pain from sore muscles and joints, fights inflammation, is cleansing, purifying, fights viruses, helps with insect bites, coughs, headaches, oily skin, poor circulation, fights odors, assists in recovery of wounds, and itching.

Thyme essential oil is analgesic, anthelmintic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, bactericidal, carminative, cell proliferant, deodorant, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, insecticide, parasiticide, rubefacient, stimulant, tonic, and vermifuge.

Thyme essential oil is a quintessential addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, and candles.

Organic Thyme Sweet White Essential Oil (Spain) Essential oils for for acne: Thyme, lemon and yarrow essential oils are germicidal and anti-inflammatory, and have a healing effect on acne.

Comfrey Oil Organic

Comfrey Oil Organic Ready made for those that don't want to wait.

This is an infused oils of Organic Comfrey Leaf extracted and concentrated into certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Made from the finest Organic Comfrey Leaves (Symphytum officinale), then infused into cold-pressed Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil. It contains a host of vitamin and minerals, and compounds called Mucilage and Allantoin, which are responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties, and it boasts both anti-fungal as well as antibacterial properties. Comfrey Oil has been traditionally used for treating various ailments and injuries, and as a bath oil to soothe a variety of skin afflictions.

Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil

Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil has a rich, warm, and sweet fragrance that is unmistakably vanilla. It is a thick essential oil and tends to sink when added to the bath and in blends. When using in a bath, mix it with a carrier such as bath salts. In oil blends, be sure to shake before use. Often used as an added fragrance in perfumes and aromatherapy blends, and can also be used as a food flavoring.

Coriander Seed Essential Oil

Coriander Seed Essential Oil (Russia) Coriander has long been used as flavouring and is particularly useful for digestive problems. Not only is this oil warming, but it is thought to stimulate estrogen.

Coriander essential oil

Coriander Seed Essential Oil Coriander, also known as cilantro and Chinese parsley, is an annual herb that is said to be native to Europe, down to Northern Africa, across to Western Asia. It has been an important medicinal and fragrant herb throughout the ages.

Coriander essential oil has demonstrated its ability to effectively purge microbes and bacteria when applied directly, making it an excellent addition to personal care formulations and deodorants. Coriander seed essential oil contains two components, Terpineol and Terpinolene, which account for its pain relieving properties.

Coriander oil is also thought to be an aphrodisiac, increasing libido in both men and women. Coriander seed essential oil is a unique addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, and aromatherapy.

Palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa Essential Oil (France) Refreshes and clarifies the mind. Acts as a tonic to the digestive system.

palmarosa essential oil

Palmarosa Essential Oil (India) Palmarosa is a perennial grass native to India. Palmarosa has a scent reminiscent of rose infused with lemongrass. It is a unique oil to incorporate into beauty products because of it's lovely scent coupled with beautifying properties.

Palmarosa essential oil works well as a skin toner because of its ability to work as a humectant to retain moisture in the skin. The oil is also reputed to stimulate skin cell regeneration, working to provide a lustrous complexion to mature skin. The disinfectant properties ward off bacteria, act as an insect repellent, and help to heal scar tissue.

Palmarosa essential oil is antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, digestive, febrifuge, nervine, stimulant, tonic, bactericidal, cicatrizant, digestive, febrifuge, and hydrating

Palmarosa essential oil is a excellent addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.

cistus essential oil

Cistus essential oil Essential oils to protect skin: Cistus essential oil can help to normalize oily skin and reduce puffiness, as it promotes lymph drainage.

Labdanum Cistus Absolute

Labdanum Cistus Absolute Native to Spain and Greece, Labdanum is one of the earliest aromatic substances used by ancient civilizations. It is listed in the Bible under the name "Oncha" as an ingredient in the ancient temple incense of Moses. It was also used by the Egyptians for incense and cosmetic purposes. Since the Middle Ages Europe has used the oil in skin care preparations for its healing and soothing properties. Shepherds of ancient Crete would drive their herds through the plants so the sticky resin would collect on the wool. After combing it out, they would take it to the market to sell.

Labdanum absolute is a powerful anti inflammatory agent. This makes the oil useful for skin ailments and encourages the speedy recovery from wounds. The oil is is particularly suitable for dry and mature skin because of its cell regenerative properties, stimulating the proliferation of new skin cells, infusing vitality to the skin. It also contains astringent properties which tighten the skin and pores. The oil is known for its antiseptic and cleansing properties which help to rid the the skin or other surface areas of unwanted microbes and bacteria. The scent is said to be an aphrodisiac that induces warm sentiments. It is a highly viscous oil with deep sensual and penetrating scent. Wonderful for the skin in small amounts

Labdanum absolute is antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent, balsamic, emmenagogue, helpful for those suffering from rheumatism, nervous system sedative, expectorant, anti inflammatory, antidepressant, and aphrodisiac.

Labdanum absolute is an exclusive and treasured addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.

Citronella Essential Oil (Indonesia) Citronella essential oil is steam distilled from a fragrant grass similar to lemongrass, but with a sweeter scent. It is commonly used in soap manufacturing, perfumery, and as an insect repellent. Studies have shown citronella oil to be strongly antifungal and antibacterial and has even demonstrated the ability to calm barking dogs.

Citronella essential oil is an excellent addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, insect repellent, and aromatherapy.

HBNO is pleased to offer citronella essential oil in bulk and wholesale quantities. We can supply any amount of oil to anywhere in the world.

Organic Citronella Essential Oil

Organic Citronella Essential Oil Citronella Essential Oil has a fresh and powerful lemon odor. It is commonly used as an insect repellent and in blends for room deodorizers. This oil is uplifting and purifying. Use as a deodorant or body spray, as a massage oil (diluted), an astringent, or in a diffuser.

clove bud essential oil

Clove Bud Essential Oil (Indonesia) Cloves have been regarded as the most venerable of spices since antiquity. In China 266 BC, guests of the Emperor would be required to hold cloves in their mouth when speaking as to bestow a pleasant odor.

Clove essential oil is utilized extensively in dental care, added in various toothpastes, mouthwashes, and oral medication. Not only does it contain analgesic properties (pain relieving), it also is strongly antimicrobial and antibacterial, a perfect combination for combating toothaches and other teeth related ailments. Apply a drop of clove oil to your toothbrush and feel the tingle as it cleans your teeth. When a drop is added to a pained tooth, it will immediately dull the pain.

Clove bud essential oil is a versatile oil with myriad of applications. Clove bud oil is an excellent addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, dental care, and aromatherapy.

clove bud essential oil

Clove Bud Essential Oil Organic (Sri Lanka) Sweet and spicy with hint of fruit scent, Clove Bud Essential Oil is nice in blends. The oil has analgesic and antiseptic properties, and is warming and enhancing. It is known for maintaining general mouth health by using in a mouthwash or rinse formula, and is also great for use in a diffuser, as a food flavorant, and in massage oil and lotion.

spike lavender essential oil

LAVENDER SPIKE Essential Oil (Spain) 100% PURE Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. Flowers Extraction Method: Steam Distillation. This plant occurs naturally in the Mediterranean region. A perennial shrub, it usually grows to 30-100 cm tall and wide. The flowers are pinkish-purple (lavender-colored), produced on spikes 2-3 cm long at the top of slender leafless stems 10-30 cm long; each flower is subtended by a bract 4-8 mm long. At the top of the spike are a number of much larger, sterile bracts (no flowers between them), 10-50 mm long and bright lavender purple (rarely white). Color: Pale yellow to yellow liquid. Consistency: Thin Note: Top Strength of Aroma: Strong Blends well with: Bay, Bergamot, Chamomile, Citronella, Clary Sage, Geranium, Jasmine, Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Pine, Thyme, Rosemary, Rosewood and Ylang-ylang. Aromatic Scent: Lavender Spike Essential Oil has a fresh, floral-herbaceous odor.

valerian root extract

Valerian Root Extract Organic For relieving nervousness: The components can calm irritated nerves, encourage peacefulness and strengthen the nervous system in general.

basil sweet essential oil organic

Organic Basil Sweet Essential Oil (India) Basil Sweet Essential Oil has a sweet, light, peppery, green aroma, must like the fresh herb. It is analgesic, antispasmodic, and anti-venomous, and is a digestion aid, insecticide, expectorant, and stimulant. It is a good blending oil. Basil Sweet Essential Oil can be used in a diffuser, the bath, and as a food flavorant. It is known to help with concentration, and has a calming effect.

basil sweet essential oil

Basil Sweet Essential Oil (India) Basil shares a common lineage with it's native country India, having been cultivated there for over 5000 years. It quickly spread over the continent and found itself at home throughout the mediterranean as well.

Basil essential oil contains a myriad of beneficial properties, most notable it's anti-infectious and anti-bacterial properties. Studies have proven basil oil to effectively combat bacteria and fungus. Other virtues include its warming effect which promotes circulation and the stimulation of blood with vital nutrients. It is also considered antiviral and has had success in treating the herpes simplex virus. Its sharp scent helps to improve memory and surmount mental fatigue.

Basil (sweet) essential oil is a delightful addition to cosmetic preperations, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, and aromatherapy.

yarrow tincture

Yarrow tincture Yarrow tincture for clear skin: A tincture made from yarrow see more flowers and leaves can help control oil production because of the herb's astringent properties. It is also effective for treating inflamed, infected pimples.

Yarrow essential oil

Yarrow essential oil Essential oils to protect skin: Yarrow essential oil's astringent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties can help dry and heal painful pimples.

myrrh tincture 

Myrrh-tincture Myrrh tincture for gum inflammation: Tincture of myrrh, its anti-inflammatory and astringent effects can help to combat the swollen and bleeding gums that are typical in the early stages of periodontal disease.

sage essential oil

Sage Essential Oil It is great for relieving grief and quickening the senses, while stimulating the lymphatic system and helping with female problems. On the skin it not only helps healing but also to reduce pore size.

Scent Characteristics: Strong, fresh, warm, spicy, herbaceous aroma. Blends well.

CYPRESS, BLUE, Callitris Introtropica (Australia): Australian Blue Cypress is a see more slow-growing tree native to Australia. The compact, neat tree with blue-green foliage reaches heights of 75 feet, and its branches can spread up to 30 feet from the base.

Australian Blue Cypress essential oil is well known for its skincare properties - specifically, it is moisturizing and soothing. Amongst aromatherapists and manufacturers, this oil is considered very similar to Blue Chamomile. It is also regarded as being a soothing and relaxing agent for the nerves without sedative properties.

beeswax beads organic yellow filtered China

Beeswax Beads Organic, Yellow (Filtered)(China) Harvested from the honeycombs, our beeswax is 100% natural, does not contain petroleum derived ingredients, and is not processed with chemicals. It has excellent antiseptic properties and contains a considerable amount of vitamin A - necessary for skin development. Beeswax also has emollient, soothing, and softening properties and helps the skin retain moisture. It is often used in cosmetic and skincare products as a thickening agent, emulsifier, and humectant. It has a wide range of uses including soaps, salves, balms, skin creams, candles, lubricants, and polishes.

unrefined beeswax

Yellow Beeswax Pellets Beesworks Beeswax is 100% natural beeswax pellets. A bee consumes an estimated 6-10 lbs (3-4.5 kg) of honey for each pound of the wax it secretes. After honey removal, the comb is melted to produce the beeswax. Our beeswax is hand packaged in 1 pound, sealed bags and ready for you to use. Beeswax has a high melting point range, of 62 to 64 ºC (144 to 147 ºF). If beeswax is heated above 85 ºC (185 ºF) discoloration occurs. Use this wax in creams & lotions for extra body, in balms and body butters for stiffness and rigidity and in soaps and candles for hardness. Enjoy!

lemon balm glycerite

Lemon Balm Glycerite You can purchase this ready made Glycerite or use the method explained for Elder Flower Glycerite. Lemon balm for relaxation: A lemon-balm (Melissa officinalis) bath is a perfect way to end your day. Its tart, lemony scent helps revive spirits, lifting depression. Starwest is happy to bring you the highest quality Melissa officinalis, which is commonly called Lemon Balm Leaf, Sweet Balm, Balm mint, bee balm and blue balm, as part of our extensive selection of bulk herbs for sale. Lemon Balm Leaf has many beneficial qualities and properties, including: anodyne, antibacterial, antihistamine, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, calmative, carminative, digestive, emmenagogue, lactogogue, nervine, sedative, stomachic, sudorific.

Organic Elder Flowers

Elder Flower Glycerite This toner is especially good for thirsty, dehydrated skin. I am having a hard time finding a good source for elderflower glycerite so make the following suggestion. Since you are already into making your own natural products, buy the elderflowers and follow the following directions. Herbal glycerite may be prepared using two methods. In one method, dried or fresh herbs are blended with pure vegetable glycerin. The resulting mixture is shaken each day for two weeks, then pressed or squeezed through a filter to produce a clear product. Alternatively, a glycerite may be prepared by slowly evaporating the alcohol from a tincture and then adding a volume of glycerin equal to the original amount of alcohol. Making your own is the least expensive method and you'll have lots for future toner treatments.

Starwest Flower Waters are lovely fragrances - pleasantly aromatic and not overbearing - naturally made with 100% pure essential oils and distilled water. Enjoyed for their wonderful aroma, flower waters also provide hydrating and refreshing benefits to the skin. Mist your body, pour into a bath, or use as a natural room freshener. The most popular flower waters, sweet rose and fragrant orange blossom, are also suitable for food use as delightful additions to desserts, beverages and candies. The other Starwest flower waters include relaxing Lavender, calming Chamomile, sensual Jasmine, and alluring Ylang Ylang, each one packaged in an alluring blue cobalt bottle with accompanying mist sprayer.

chamomile water

Chamomile hydrosol Chamomile hydrosol for redness: Chamomile hydrosol is a watery by-product of the essential oil that helps to soothe and heal the skin. It also protects sensitive skin from redness and irritation.

orange blossom water

Orange Blossom Flower Water Starwest Flower Waters are lovely fragrances, naturally made with 100% pure essential oils and distilled water. Enjoyed for their wonderful aroma, flower waters also provide hydrating and refreshing benefits to the skin. Flower waters are typically misted on the body and face or poured in a bath. Rose and Orange Blossom Flower Waters are suitable for food use as delightful additions to desserts, beverages and candies. Packaged in alluring 4 oz blue cobalt bottles with accompanying mist sprayer, an eye-catching body care product with great sales potential. Starwest Flower Waters sell themselves.

Ingredients: Pure distilled water & essential oil of Orange Blossom, Neroli (Citrus aurantium). Pure food grade.

rose flower hydrosol

Rose Flower Hydrosol A hydrosol is the aromatic water remaining after producing an essential oil via steam distillation. Steam distillation results in two complimentary products - the essential oil and the hydrosol. When the plant material is brewed with water in the cooker, steam fills the pot and, as it rises, causes the plant's glands to release its oils and essence into the steam. The aromatic water that was steamed with the original plant material is referred to as a "hydrosol", which is like a much less concentrated essential oil. During this distillation process, the plant matter actually imparts the hydrosol with the water-soluble aromatic and therapeutic properties of the plant. They contain the essence of the plant in every drop, just like essential oils, but in a milder form. They are suitable for all manner of applications, where essential oils could be too strong. Hydrosols represent a more subtle and delicate form of the aromatic substance, and can be an ideal complement to aromatherapy. Our pure and natural Rose Hydrosol (Rosa damascena) is suitable for food use and packaged in an alluring 4 oz blue cobalt bottle with accompanying mist sprayer.

rose hydrosol

Rose Hydrosol for silkiness: Rose hydrosol invigorates and softens the skin and regulates pH moisture balance. Award-winning. Steam-distilled from fresh organic rose petals (from Rosa Damascena Bulgaria) Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing, and balancing. USDA NOP Certified Organic (always check if a product carries the USDA logo). Therapeutic, Cleansing, and Detoxifying. Skin Care-Grade. Real Rose Flower Water. NOT a fragrance or artificially perfumed rose water. It does NOT have any added alcohol or other essences like the ones offered by other brands. Suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. Rejuvenating, stimulating, and harmonizing. 100% VEGAN.

rose water

Rose Flower Water Starwest Flower Waters are lovely fragrances, naturally made with 100% pure essential oils and distilled water. Enjoyed for their wonderful aroma, flower waters also provide hydrating and refreshing benefits to the skin. Flower waters are typically misted on the body and face or poured in a bath. Rose and Orange Blossom Flower Waters are suitable for food use as delightful additions to desserts, beverages and candies. Packaged in alluring 4 oz blue cobalt bottles with accompanying mist sprayer, an eye-catching body care product with great sales potential. Starwest Flower Waters sell themselves.

Ingredients: Pure distilled water & essential oil of Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia). Pure food grade.

mint hydrosol

Mint -peppermint leaf - hydrosol Mint hydrosol for inflammation: The process of producing essential oils leaves behind watery by-products, or hydrosols, which retain the plants healing properties in diluted form. Mint hydrosol, which is made from the peppermint plant, can freshen and clarify oily, blemished skin. It also has a mild antibacterial effect and helps prevent the formation of red, inflamed, painful pimples.

lavender flower water

Lavender hydrosol- Lavender water Lavender-flower water soothes, heals and conditions all skin types. The water is obtained when the essential oil is extracted. You can make your own waters, just by steeping Lavender Flowers in warm water and straining.

Geranium Hydrosol Our hydrosols (floral waters) are free of emulsifying agents and preservatives. Imported internationally, these waters are extremely versatile. They can be used in the manufacturing process anywhere that water is required. 100% pure rose geranium hydrosol, distilled from essential oil.

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Aromatherapy Accessories Our wide assortment of Aromatherapy Accessories includes a variety of diffusers Our diffusers are available in all types for use in the home, car and to wear

flower waters

Flower Waters are lovely fragrances - pleasantly aromatic and not overbearing - naturally made with 100% pure essential oils and distilled water. Enjoyed for their wonderful aroma, flower waters also provide hydrating and refreshing benefits to the skin. Mist your body, pour into a bath, or use as a natural room freshener.

body and bath

Body and Bath Experience all-natural body care with NENS natural sponges, loofah bath products, body massagers and natural brushes for body, hair and nails. Their ever popular sponges are made for luxurious, healthy bathing and natural cosmetic applications. NENS sponges are soft and absorbent, as they gently clean and massage for all over skin care.


Bottles, Jars & Containers A variety of bottles and containers well-suited for storing oils, aromatic liquids, potpourri, spices, herbs, and whatever else you might think of. Our collection of bottles and containers range from minimalist to ornamental and are designed for any purpose, whether you're looking to store, decorate, or spray.

bulk herbs

Bulk Herbs Our bulk herbs include a delectable choice of dried culinary herbs to spice up your favorite dishes, medicinal herbs, an extensive variety of craft herbs, therapeutic herbs and a comprehensive selection of Chinese herbs for all your tincture, supplement and daily nutritional needs.

bulk ingredients

Bulk Ingredients Natural body care products are 100% natural, and are excellent for a variety of skin and hair applications. Used alone or blended with other oils, skin care oils provide fabulous opportunities for formulating your own special skin care lotions, natural body lotions and limitless other bath and body products - like a lip balm, body lotion, or luxurious night cream. Browse our complete selection of bath salts, organic bath products, massage oils, and natural skin care products that will contribute to your healthy, radiant body.

bulk oils

Bulk Oils Natural Skin Care Products that can be used individually or blended with our carrier oils and fragrance oils, which will make your skin look and feel radiantly healthy.


Butters Topical Butters contain nutrients which can be easily absorbed into the skin - perfect for use in body care recipes because of their abilities to nourish, rejuvenate, and moisturize the skin. Many butters are too hard to use alone and should be combined with an oil, which makes them easier to apply to the skin. Our topical butters have no added ingredients unless otherwise noted.

Amazing Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Books Take the power to heal back into your own hands with essential oils and aromatherapy for all of your everyday health needs. Knowledge is your best friend when it comes to exploring the opportunities of herbs and essential oils, and their applications for promoting good health and healing. Our carefully selected, personally reviewed book selection provides everything from easy to scholastic reading for learning about the uses and healing benefits of natural botanical products.

herb capsules

Capsules Made with Organic Herbs Our Single Herb Capsule line offers many varieties "Made with Organic Herbs". Starwest is one of the few botanical manufacturers that can offer encapsulated supplements that are "Made with Organic Herbs" and are certified organic by an independent certifying agency - Quality Assurance International (QAI).


Clays Natural body care can rejuvenate your body and soul while making your skin feel and look magnificent. Our selection of body care herbal ingredients includes a great selection of clays. One of the most widely applied skin care ingredients, our cosmetic clays, can provide fabulous results with their ability to cleanse and refresh. Our exceptional quality clays have numerous purposes, and each one has been quality tested and analyzed to guarantee consistency.

essential oils

Essential Oils are something only nature could inspire. Considered the life-force in every living plant, essential oils contain the soul, or essence, of the plant - the odor, taste and therapeutic properties. Extracted from the root, bark, wood, seed, flower, fruit, and leaf of freshly harvested plants, essential oils contain the plant's powerful benefits - their uses have been well documented for centuries and throughout the world.

green tea

Green Tea. It's no doubt that fresh, revitalizing green teas and green tea blends have made their way to the top as some of the most renowned teas available to us. Drinking green tea dates as far back as 4,000 years ago, when it was consumed as both a beverage and a medicine in many parts of Asia. These teas have been made from high-quality, organically grown Camellia sinensis leaves and offer the drinker helpful constituents like flavonoids, antioxidants, tannins, and more.

loose green tea

Loose Green Tea. Green Tea has been long valued for its medicinal and healthful properties, especially in Asia, and has now gained popularity in the Western culture. Our green tea is an exceptionally wholesome and flavorful beverage, which has a very high content of vitamins and minerals, including ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and several B vitamins. Five cups of green tea a day will provide 5-10% of the daily requirement of riboflavin, niacin and folic acid. Green tea leaves are unfermented, greenish in color; and have approximately 20-30% as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Bulk green tea from Starwest is of the finest quality, sourced from the most discriminating growers and processed under strict quality control.

liquid herbal extract

Liquid Herbal Extracts Botanical liquid herbal extracts, are naturally extracted and preserved in a bottle for your use. Starwest's reputation for quality and care has earned them recognition as one of the leading herbal extracts suppliers of pure herbal extracts produced from the highest quality plants. As an excellent alternative to herb teas, capsules or dried herbs and herb powders, herbal extracts are easily consumed and digested and conveniently provide the health benefits of the plant.

herbal tea

Herbal Teas Although not as well known as the more common green teas and black teas, herbal teas carry a history and heritage almost as old as mankind itself. Also known as a tisane, an herbal tea is an infusion made from one or more parts of a plant, and some fungi as well. Unlike other teas, which are made solely from the camellia sinensis leaves, herbal teas can be brewed not only from leaves, but seeds, roots, flowers, fruit, even bark. Created first by herbalists, many of these teas have existed for centuries or longer.

incense smoke

Incense All of Primo's aromatic scents are prepared from nature's finest, carefully selected essential oils, exotic flowers, herbs and spices. Primo has been internationally known for their hand-rolled, pure and natural, clean-burning incenses since 1969. The burning of incense is a sacred practice passed down to us from ancient times and has played an integral part in many sacred and religious traditions.

brass incense holder

Incense Holders & Accessories Starwest Botanicals offers a wide variety of incense, incense holders, and accessories, all perfect for create just the right personal environment for relaxation and meditation.

massage oil

Massage Oil Try a massage or a luxurious bath today with one of Starwest Aromatherapy Massage, Bath & Body Oils, each one made with a unique combination of natural vegetable oils and our own special synergistic essential oil blends. Our aromatherapy massage oils offer benefits for physical and emotional well-being in addition to radiant, healthy skin. Massage is a soothing therapy that can evoke many beneficial changes within the body, mind and spirit.


Certified Organic Sprouting Seeds Certified Organic and Kosher Sprouting Seeds provide a fresh, natural way to supplement your diet. Any of our flavorful Sprouting Seeds can be used in a variety of recipes, including stir-fry, salads, sandwiches, and soups. We offer our Sprouting Seeds in pre-packaged in small 4 oz pouches and in 1 lb bags. One 4 oz package of seeds will produce approximately 1.5 lbs of sprouts.

glass tea pot

Tea Brewing Supplies There are a wide variety of tea accessories to perfectly complement your tea habit, whether you prefer to imbibe English or Asian teas or you enjoy preparing something more involved. We carry Matcha bowls, the traditional vessels for preparing matcha tea, as well as the chashaku ( bamboo spoon) and chasen (bamboo whisk). We also have Maté gourds and Bombillas - filtering straws - for preparing and sipping maté. We also offer a diverse set of tea pots, mugs, infusers, and mulling spices. The Starwest Botanical Tea catalog is sure to have anything you need to enhance your tea-drinking rituals!

henna powder

Henna is best known as an ingredient in many hair care products and as a natural hair dye; it is used in certain types of shampoos and rinses to give hair reddish highlights. Henna granules are used in some cultures for body-art and tattoos; dried henna leaf is ground into a powder and made into a paste and applied to the skin directly. Once it dries, the henna paste falls away from the skin surface, leaving a stain on the skin. Archaeological evidence shows that such use of henna was common to virtually all Mediterranean cultures from the Levant to Iberia for several thousand years.

organic spices

Organic Spices in Jars & Pouches Organic spices and seasoning blends are now packaged in both convenient and easy-to-use clear glass jars and pouches. The glass jars come with a convenient lid that has both a shaker top and a pour/spoon dispenser. The organic spice pouches feature a re-sealable ziplock closure. Starwest all-natural organic seasoning blends are specially formulated to add unique flavor to recipes, and are salt-free unless otherwise noted. Our facility and these organic spices are certified organic by QAI.


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Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men

Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men A scented pheromone cologne called Chikara Pheromone for Men is the state of the art in the field of pheromone cologne. Chikara Pheromone Cologne for men contains an all-new proprietary formula of the three sex pheromones found in most of the top-selling human pheromone perfume products, PLUS four new sex pheromones never before used in perfumery. Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men contains a total of seven sex pheromones, including the standard androsteNONE, androsteNOL and androsteRONE.

Overall, the total guaranteed human pheromone content per bottle of Chikara Pheromone Cologne for men is a whopping 10 mg! That is exactly double the amount of sex pheromones found in the leading Primal Instinct Pheromone product, and at the same price.

In not only works and the fragrance is fantastic! It is a natural for sex pheromones, and more specifically for what Chikara pheromones do. Men's Chikara Pheromone Cologne doesn't just represent the next step in human sex pheromone technology, it takes it to a whole new level. Try Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men and you will see what we mean. Experience Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men and take your game to the next level.

Alpha 7 Unscented + Scent of Eros for Men

Alpha 7 Unscented + Scent of Eros for Men Save $30 when you buy Alpha-7 Unscented Pheromones and Scent of Eros Pheromone Cologne for Men together in this special package deal!

One of our most popular pheromone products to date is Alpha-7 Unscented Pheromones. Based on the popular Primal Instinct Pheromone Cologne, 40% more pheromone content than Primal Instinct is included in Alpha-7 and a more complex formula including both androsteRONE and androsteNONE. Because this formula is incredibly balanced, results in a more powerful effects such as increased attractiveness, confidence, and perceived authority. Alpha-7 comes in a 10ml dripper top bottle.

The well known pheromone researcher James V. Kohl, author of the definitive pheromone primer also called The Scent of Eros created the Scent of Eros for Men which is a highly effective pheromone cologne. The nice musky scent of Scent of Eros for Men and a formulation highly concentrated with pheromones is sure to bring in hits from the ladies. Scent of Eros for Men comes in a convenient 10 ml roll-top bottle and includes a guaranteed 5 mg of pheromone content.

Chikara UNSCENTED for Men

Chikara UNSCENTED for Men The UNSCENTED version of Chikara Pheromones for Men has been long-awaited!

Because some men prefer unscented, this Chikara unscented pheromones for men may be the answer for you. It has the same proven 7-pheromone formula. Chikara male pheromones is quite literally the state of the art in the field of pheromones. The all-new proprietary formula of the three pheromones found in most of the top-selling pheromone products are contained in here, PLUS four new pheromones never before used in perfumery. That is a total of seven pheromones including the standard androsteNONE, androsteNOL and androsteRONE.

The total guaranteed pheromone content per bottle is a whopping 10 mg! That is exactly double the amount of pheromones found in the leading Primal Instinct Pheromones, and at the same price.

Men's Chikara Pheromones doesn't just represent the next step in pheromone technology, it takes it to a whole new level.

Try Chikara for Men and you will see what I mean. Experience the mysterious power of the orient. Experience Chikara Pheromones for Men.

Chikara is a 15ml spray bottle.

Edge Unscented for Men

Edge Unscented for Men Edge Pheromones are an affordable brand of pheromone products for men and women from LaCroy Chemical, available in a wide variety of scents and sizes. Edge Pheromones include unique combinations of pheromones tailored for each scent at a great price. Get an Edge in your social life, sex life, and current relationships with Edge Pheromones.

Edge Unscented for Men is a sensual, dynamic pheromone formula sure to help you attract the ladies. While wearing Edge Unscented for Men, women will feel more relaxed around you, giving you the confidence you need to seal the deal. The light, musky scent of Edge Unscented for Men like most unscented pheromones, lends itself to be easily combined with your favorite colognes or other pheromone colognes for maximum effect.

At only $34.95, Each 25ml bottle of Edge Unscented for Men contains 2.5ml of pure pheromone content, making it one of the best deals on Love Scent. Try it out now!

Pheromone Content: androsteNONE, androsteNOL, and androstaDIENONE.


AndrosteNONE The first human sex pheromone to be identified by researchers was AndrosteNONE. It is found in many mammals, and in humans it is primarily found in sweat. Studies have connected these pheromones to sexual superiority and allure, and it is found in many of our pheromone products for both men and women. When used sparingly, androsteNONE has a light floral scent that can easily be covered and combined with your favorite fragrances. However, it MUST be used with caution, and if too much is used, it can smell too strong and have the opposite of the desired effect.

If you're a pheromone expert and would like to try your hand at making your own pheromone-infused fragrances, androsteNONE can be a great addition to your lab. Each 10ml bottle of androsteNONE contains a guaranteed 10mg dry weight of pure androsteNONE pheromones.

AndrosteNONE is also available as part of our Fab Four Chem Set, which includes a bottle of androsteNONE bundled with bottles of androstaDIENONE, androsteNOL and androsteRONE for a great price.


AndrosteRONE AndrosteRONE is a human sex pheromone that can impart "alpha" qualities to the user. Pheromone experts have noted that androsteRONE can give the user an air of supremacy and can help them claim attention from both males and females in any social situation. Particularly, androsteRONE is used in men's pheromone products because it has been shown to boost flirtatious behavior in women that interact with the user. However, androsteRONE also has strong self-effects that allow it be used by women to feel more confident and in both genders it has mood-elevating effects. Be careful with androsteRONE, as too much can cause confrontations with others. Even in small doses, androsteRONE can add a lot of power to a pheromone mix.

If you're a pheromone expert and would like to try your hand at making your own pheromone-infused fragrances, androsteRONE can be a great addition to your lab. Each 10ml bottle of androsteRONE contains a guaranteed 10mg dry weight of pure androsteRONE pheromones.

AndrosteRONE is also available as part of our Fab Four Chem Set, which includes a bottle of androsteRONE bundled with bottles of androstaDIENONE, androsteNOL and androsteNONE for a great price.

Boxed Edge Delice Pheromones for Women

Boxed Edge Delice Pheromones for Women Looking for affordable brand of pheromone products? Edge Pheromones for men and women are purchasable in an assortment of scents and sizes. Tailored for each scent Edge Pheromones include unique combinations of pheromones at a great price. Get an Edge in your social life, sex life, and current relationships with Edge Pheromones.

The complicated aroma of Edge Delice for Women is sure to drive men wild! This powerful pheromone perfume contains the same great pheromone formula found in Edge Unscented for Women, but with an added fragrance that has become prized among our customers. Edge Delice can help you build confidence, demand attention, and increase your sex appeal, all while smelling amazing!

Pheromone Content: Each 25ml bottle of Edge Unscented for Women includes 2.5mg of pure pheromone content, including androsteNOL, copulins, and more!

Scent Notes: Base notes of sandalwood, white woods, and white amber. Heart notes of tuberose, white lily-of-the-va, rose, and violet. Top notes of apple, cucumber, grapefruit, and magnolia.

Arome De Femme

Arome De Femme Not available anywhere else but at Love Scent, Arome De Femme was developed in Paris with a lovely French scent infused with copulins. Arome De Femme has a light floral scent that is sure to please you and the senses of the people you interact.

The copulin formula in Arome De Femme was specially engineered and is intended to have a romantic effect, perfect to wear during dates with a new acquaintance or a current partner. Users have reported that Arome De Femme has helped them develop trust and sexual energy with their partners.

If you need a new perfume and would like a boost of confidence on your next date, try Arome De Femme and you won't be disappointed.

Scent Notes: Base notes of musk, vertiver, and sandalwood. Heart notes of floral essences. Top notes of citrus and vanilla.

Pheromone Content: Each 15 ml bottle of Arome De Femme comes packed with copulins to ensure a romantic and sexy atmosphere.

Primal Women

Primal Women Primal Women is the most potent unscented pheromone for women available exclusively at Love Scent and is based on the well known Primal Instinct Pheromones For Women! If you are already a fan of Primal Instinct or simply want to try a new pheromone product to spice up your sex life, Primal Women might be exactly what you are looking for.

Primal Women is unscented, so you can combine it with your favorite perfume or even add it to one of our scented pheromones for maximum effect. If other pheromones or perfumes haven't been giving you the hits you were expecting, try Primal Women and experience a level of attention and attraction you have never had before. Primal Women is available for a special introductory price of so order soon!

Pheromone Content: Each 10 ml bottle of Primal Women includes androsteNOL and copulins

Essence of a Woman Pheromones

Essence of a Woman Pheromones Essence of a Woman Pheromones are the Latest in Sex Pheromone Technology

Something new and fantastic for women!!

What are Essence of a Woman sex Pheromones?
It is copulins, pure and simple. Not just the word written on the side of a bottle; it isrealcopulins and nearly two years in development. Open the bottle, take a whiff, and you will know what we mean! These womens sex pheromones are the most intense and powerful on the market and they work wonders and will give you confidence in the bedroom, boardroom, and in everyday life.

What are copulins? Copulin is the name given by scientists to a loosely defined group of odoriferous fatty acids that occur in the vaginal secretions of female adult mammals. These copulin secretions change dramatically during the various stages of the female menstrual cycle and are particularly profuse and pungent during that part of the cycle known as ovulation and during which pregnancy is most likely to occur. This portion of the female cycle is also known to coincide with the familiar "in heat" phenomenon in the animal kingdom, which is so crucial to the propagation of mammalian species.

The Essence of Woman Sex Pheromone copulin formula comes from the work of two leading researchers who have not only isolated a number of the key components of human copulins, but have tested them to prove that they do indeed have an amorous effect - and the female sex pheromone from Essence of a Woman was born.

NOTE:. Essence of Woman Sex Pheromones are NOT for newbies! Unlike so-called copulin products which have no scent to them, these women's Pheromones use the chemical formula developed by researchers in the field. It has a definite smell not totally unlike what natural human copulins smell like. Some skill and creativity is required to get good results. Don't over-use and be sure to use with an appropriate cover fragrance

Essence of a Woman Sex Pheromone Contents: 7.5 ml bottlewith convenient eye dropper top


Estratetraenol Estratetraenol is a social pheromone used in both men's and women's pheromone products to strong effect, especially when combined with other pheromones such as androstadienone. Estratetraenol exhibits strong social effects such as: improved mood, relaxation and an overall "cuddly" feeling, improved communication and empathy, decreased social anxiety, and more. If you're looking for a strong social pheromone to add to your pheromone mix, try Estratetraenol

Like all of our pure pheromones, Estratetraenol comes in a 10 ml bottle with a guaranteed 10mg dry weight of pure Estratetraenol.

We have a very wide selection of popular colognes from the Dorall Collection in Men's Brand Colognes and Women's Brand Colognes. Our world famous pheromone concentrates and other unscented pheromone products benefit greatly from this combination, or you can use them as a stand-alone game enhancer. Dorall Collection fragrances for Men and Women manufactured by Arion Beauty are a quality European fragrance line created with fine French oils. Tremendous bang for the buck, the Dorall Collection colognes come in a variety of designer styled 100 ml natural spray bottles, along with custom molded caps and metal spray actuators; other manufacturers abandoned these attributes long ago in pursuit of cost savings. Scroll down to see the fragrances we have for you to choose from. Enjoy!

Precious Secrets

Precious Secrets Improve the results of your next business meeting by spraying on Precious Secrets for Men! It is a light cologne perfectly adapted to the modern business world.

Fragrance notes: a blend of fresh fruit, spices and aromatic woods. Recommended use: daytime. When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you. For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear. Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

Prince in Shining Armor

Prince in Shining Armor PRINCE IN SHINING ARMOR by Dorall Collection: EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY 3.4 OZ for MEN

Compared to Ed Hardy by Ed Hardy

Recommended use: casual
Fragrance notes: amber, bergamot, mandarin, clary sage, thuja, sequoia.

The Pride for Women

The Pride for Women THE PRIDE by Dorall Collection: EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 3.4 OZ for WOMEN

Compared to Rose The One by Dolce & Gabbana

This tribute to female beauty signals contemporary elegance embodied by a woman with an instinctively classic sense of style. This essence is a soft, rosy floral designed around a bouquet that evokes precious, delicate sensuality.


Luscious LUSCIOUS SEXY ME original women's fragrance by DORALL COLLECTION in large 3.4 oz natural spray bottle with a similar scent to SENSOUS

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